Welcome to the University of Michigan-Flint's 2015 Community Report on Philanthropy. You, our donors, continue to make a strong statement in support of UM-Flint: our students, our faculty and staff, and our community.

As you'll see, this financial support has a real impact. We're welcoming more students to campus via scholarships and financial assistance, helping others to return to their studies after hardships, investing in visionary new programs while continuing to support innovative programs already seeing results in students' lives, and continuing our commitment to learning through service.

Every dollar raised, every commitment made, helps pave the way for new generations of UM-Flint students. Thank you for making our students' dreams a reality. Thank you for your support of a bold new vision for UM-Flint. Thank you for helping us seize the opportunity to play a role in the transformation of Flint and the region.

It all starts with you.

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Scholarship Opportunities & How You Can Help

Students are the heart of our university. At UM-Flint, supporting our students is more than a core value, it's a foundation pillar. There is no higher priority than ensuring all admitted students are able to enroll, attend, and succeed at UM-Flint. Incoming students at UM-Flint are able to apply for over 230 scholarships each year due to the generous support of our alumni, community partners, and friends. Click here to find more information about these scholarships, and how you can help.

Video: "A Scholarship Story - Rachel Rosa"

Rachel Rosa, a senior who is currently enrolled as an English major, was the recipient of the Osher Reentry Scholarship. The Bernard Osher Foundation is committed to helping undergraduate students who experience a gap in their education. Listen to Rachel's story in her own words.

Alumni Opportunities

Following the link below will give you, our UM-Flint alumni, access to resources, volunteer opportunities, and more. This is your home for information on upcoming events, both in Flint and in cities across the country like the Windy City group in Chicago or our Washington, D.C. meet and greets.

Mpowering My Success

The Mpowering My Success program at UM-Flint is designed to provide services to students age 18 to 20 who are in foster care, were formerly in foster care, or are transitioning out of foster care. More information about this innovative initiative is available at the link below.

Floyd McCree

Video: "The Legacy of Michigan’s First Black Mayor" Floyd J. McCree

In 1992, a group of donors came together to establish the Holt, Broadway, Broome, McCree, Pointer, and Wright Scholarships, scholarships that continue to empower local students at UM-Flint. One of these namesake scholarships honors Flint’s former Mayor, Floyd J. McCree. Mayor McCree was Flint’s first black mayor, as well as the first black mayor of Michigan and of a major city in the United States. In the video below, family members Byron and Kyle McCree stop by the University of Michigan-Flint archives to look through records and photographs, holding an unscripted conversation about Floyd McCree and his impact on the city.