How "Jenna's" Fictional Life Could Impact Your Actual Website

About Jenna:
  • Jenna is a prospective nursing student from Montreal.
  • She accesses the web only through her smart phone.
  • She does not have a car, but has been saving up for one.

At first glance, it may not be obvious how this information would impact the content or design for your department’s website. But when we look closer, some important considerations surface: 

  • Many people in Montreal only speak French. The nursing department might want to make its content available in that language (and others).
  • Jenna only accesses the Internet via smart phone. Do users have a positive experience when visiting the nursing department website on non-desktop devices?
  • Jenna doesn’t have a car. If she were to visit campus, can she do so by train? If she does enroll and has saved up to buy a car, can she park it on campus? And should such answers appear on the nursing department website or the international center website?