Engineering Industrial Advisory Board

Mechanical Engineering Program Industrial Advisory Board

At the start of the 2012-13 academic year, the program established a new Industrial Advisory Board (MEGN-IAB), composed of leaders representing a wide spectrum of industrial organizations located in Michigan. One of the most important objectives for the industrial advisory board is to contribute to the program’s strategic success. The MEGN-IAB will focus on aspects of the engineering program’s relationship with business and industry, and address such issues as:

  •  Determining the steps required to improve and expand the mechanical engineering program’s current relationships with business and industry and how to improve it.
  •  Helping the engineering program build a better image and recognition in Michigan and other surrounding states.
  •  Providing industry perspective to the department in assessing undergraduate mechanical engineering program.
  •  Assessing the level of competency of the mechanical engineering program graduates and provide input on course and curriculum improvements.
  •  Helping the mechanical engineering program to attract research grants, student design projects, internships, awards, etc., from industry


The MEGN-IAB will meet at two times annually (preferably in October, and March). Usually,the meetings will be held on the University of Michigan-Flint campus. The agendas will reflect the interests of the mechanical engineering program and the MEGN-IAB members.


MEGN-IAB membership will consist of members from industry and related organizations. It will be by invitation from the MEGN program faculty and the Board. The members will serve for a minimum of three-year terms and there will be no term limits for membership. The Board will be chaired by the Department Chair or the Mechanical Engineering Program Director or a senior Mechanical Engineering Program Faculty. The Director for The Office of Development and Alumni Relations of University of Michigan-Flint will be a member of the Board. Other University and School administrators and faculty will be invited to attend the meetings as appropriate.

The Board Chair shall:

  •  Coordinate the Board meetings
  •  Prepare meeting agendas in collaboration with the members
  •  Provide leadership in helping the Board in achieving its goals and objectives
  •  Work with the Board in recruiting new members for achieving diversity


Engineering Industrial Advisory Board Members
March, 2015





Asghar, Ali


Baker, Mark

CPI Fluid Engineering

Bauer, Glen

GM Casting, Engine & Transmission Ctr

Benjamin, Robert "Bob"

GM Casting, Engine & Transmission Ctr

Bently, Shaun

Dasi Solutions

Carpenter, Brandon

SanLuis Rassini Brakers

Evangelista, Jim (Interim)

Shiloh Industries

Garcia, Elisia


Gerrish, John

GM Casting, Engine & Transmission Ctr

Howard-Collin, Darryl


Kemmer, Ray

Lear Corporation

Khatib, Nazib

TMI Climate Solutions

Kus, Christopher


LaVene, Leon

BAE Industries, Inc.

Leece, Adam

North American Lighting

McKinnon, James

Peter Brasso Associates

Morello, Brent


Murray, Jr., Neil G.

TRW Automotive Electronics

Murshed, Mahboob

GM, Sag Metal Casting Op

Nottingham, Marsha


Phinisee, Rashaun "Shaun"

Ford Motor Company

Polidan, Jessica

Magna Seating

Rahman, Khwaja M.

GM Global Electrical Systems, Infotainment and Electrification

Siddique, Saiful

Ford Motor Company

Sivakumar, Jayaraman

GM Powertrain

Skorski, Steve

Tanasi, German

GM-Powertrain- Pontiac

Webber, Donald "Don"

TMI Climate Solutions