CSEP DreamSpark Program

CSEP DreamSpark Program

What the program provides:
The Microsoft DreamSpark subscription provides students the opportunity to obtain certain Microsoft software for free. Software will be made available for download through the CSEP DreamSpark ELMS system.

How your DreamSpark user account is activated and managed:
Eligibility to use the system is based on active enrollment in at least one CSEP department course during the current semester.

CSEP Students
If you are enrolled in a CSEP course for the current semester and your name appears on the CSEP roster, you will usually be able to access Dreamspark account and gain access to the system within a few days of the start of the semester.

Late Registration
If you have added the course after the start of the semester you will need to wait until after the 'last day to add' deadline has passed to register and gain access to the system, usually 11 or more days after the start of the semester.

If you are taking another eligible CSEP course the following semester then your account will be carried over at the start of the next term.

Once your eligible course is over your account and any access will be removed.  Once your account is inactive you will not have access to license keys or other information in the account.

Microsoft Office Products Note:
Some Microsoft titles (including Project, Visio, Access, and Visual Studio) are included in this program; Microsoft Office programs (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) are NOT included in DreamSpark. These may be purchased through ITS.

Registering for access to the system:
A few days after the semester has started and the course rosters have processed you should recieve a welcome email from University of Michigan Flint - CSEP - DreamSpark Premium titled "An account has been created for you". 

In this email there is a registration link that will take you to a page where you will choose your account password.

Enter and submit your password (note that this password does not stay in sync with your umflint.edu domain password if either are changed, they are separate systems).

You may now log onto the system using your full email address (including the @umflint.edu part) and the password you provided.

Some troubleshooting information for common registration issues, further information can be found in the 'support' feature of the system.


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