Physics at UM-Flint

The mission of the physics programs and faculty, including integrated programs within CAS, is to prepare students to succeed in their chosen careers after graduation from the university of Michigan-Flint. Recognizing that students will elect many career paths, ranging from elementary teaching, to industry, to graduate education, and others, the department believes its mission is to help students gain a knowledge foundation based upon fundamental principles of classical and modern physics. This foundation stresses the creative application of physics principles to solving newly posed problems and creative thinking. Students should develop the ability to apply these principles to real problems ranging from the very practical for the future elementary teacher, to the mathematical and abstract for the future graduate student. Students should improve in their ability to abstract a problem to its essentials, design and develop experiments to test hypothesis, and correctly interpret the results of an experiment.


Physics Program Pairs with Springview STEM Students

A Greater Flint Educational Consortium CARE Grant is funding a collaborative partnership between Springview Elementary 5th and 6th grade STEM students and the UM-Flint Physics Program. 

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