It happens all the time. A first-generation college student from a local family attends his or her first class at UM-Flint.  From that point on, nothing is ever the same.

UM-Flint students are challenged by engaging faculty to reach far beyond their expectations.  Students begin to open their minds, thinking critically about the problems and issues of our time.  They pursue in their chosen field.  They receive course credit for participating in community service.  They graduate with honors.

While this scenario plays out over and over at UM-Flint, there are still many worthy students who do not get the chance to pursue their degree.  You have the power to change that. 

You can make it possible for a student to attend UM-Flint.  You could fund the education for a future doctor, teacher or business leader.  Your donation toward scholarship support will have an impact on this community for many years.

An accessible education is at the core of the UM-Flint mission.  Scholarships open doors to deserving students, allowing them to focus on their education, not on how they will pay for it.  It all starts with you.