The Office of the Ombuds is a safe environment where students and members of the University of Michigan-Flint community may go for assistance in resolving conflicts, disputes, or complaints on an informal basis.  In order to afford students and members of the University community the greatest freedom in using the services of the Ombuds, the office adheres to the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice where confidentiality, independence, neutrality, and informality are core principles.  The Office of the Ombuds does not serve as a student or client advocate, replace traditional complaint and grievance procedures, act as an “office of notice” for those wishing to file a formal complaint, or relieve the student or staff member from acting on their own behalf.  A personal appointment may be scheduled at (810) 762-0002 or in Room 237 of the University Pavilion.  Please note the Ombuds is unable to respond to e-mail inquiries and concerns as the privacy and confidentiality of such communications can not be guaranteed.

Students and staff members with questions or concerns regarding compliance issues may wish to consult the Compliance Resource Center.

Compliance Resource Center