Bar Service

Bar Service for the Riverfront Banquet Center is arranged by contacting Event and Building Services (EBS).  All alcohol must be dispensed by EBS staff that have been trained and certified in alcohol management.  Our staff will efficiently and professionally arrange, supervise and tend to the bar service at your event.  Service can easily be tailored to meet your needs whether your event is a small meeting, a reception, or a banquet for hundreds of guests.

Bar Service Policy

  • Alcohol may be dispensed at events that are designated as 'by invitation only'.

  • All shots of liquor must be combined with a drink mixer; straight shots are not permitted nor are 'shots on ice' permitted.  Shots of liquor are not permitted as part of a wedding reception 'dollar dance'.  The bar serves only a measured, one-ounce shot per drink.  Drinks are supplied to guests by the cup; no pitchers.  Customers are permitted one serving per visit to the bar.

  • Bar service is for a minimum of 2 hours and maximum of 4.5 hours.  Bar service must conclude 45 minutes before the scheduled event ending time.

  • An individual must be 21 years of age or older to consume alcohol.  Upon request for identification, if the guest is not able to produce valid picture identification, by law alcohol service cannot be provided.

  • Alcohol service will cease to anyone who appears to be visibly intoxicated.  Only trained EBS staff will determine if a guest is visibly intoxicated.  The staff decision to cease alcohol service to anyone is final.

  • Bringing alcohol into a licensed facility by anyone is prohibited by law and will be confiscated and will not be returned to the guest.

Scheduling a Bar Service

To schedule a bar service for an upcoming event.  Please contact Event and Building Services at 810-762-3436.

Types of Bar Services

  • Full Open Bar Service - (liquors, wines, draft beer, soft drinks)
  • Partial Open Bar Service - (wines, draft beer, soft drinks)
  • Full Cash Bar Service - (liquors, wines, draft beer, soft drinks)
  • Partial Open Bar Service - (wines, draft beer, soft drinks)

Confirming a Bar Service

  • One-half of the total contract amount is due at contract signing; contract signing must occur no less than 30 days prior to the event. The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to the event.
  • The guest count for the bar service may only be adjusted upward after the contract is signed.
  • If the contract has been paid in full and additional guests are added, the amount owing must be paid in full in order to confirm the increase in number. Guest counts can go down and previously assessed fees will remain the same.
  • An additional fee will be assessed if bar services is added within five business days of an event.