Harding Mott University Center

The Harding Mott University Center (UCEN) is located on the campus of the University of Michigan-Flint.  The meeting rooms offer unique sizes and configurations and include the Kiva (a multi-level auditorium with fixed seating and a 30' projection screen), the Happenings Room (half-circle shape with flexible seating), and the remodeled Michigan Rooms (one large room for one-user events or divided into four smaller rooms accommodating concurrent, but separate meetings, with flexible seating).  In addition, the larger meeting rooms are equipped with in-house sound systems and up-to-date audio-visual technology.

Whether planning a business meeting, wedding reception, family gathering, or class reunion the Harding Mott University Center should be your event location!

Facility Rates

Room/Room Number Up to 4 hours Each additional 4 hours Dimensions Capacity*
Michigan Rooms - 4 sections (171) $ $ 104'x41'x8'10"  
Michigan Rooms - 3 sections (171) $ $ 78'x41'x8'10"  
Michigan Rooms - 2 sections (171) $ $ 52'x41'x8'10"  
Michigan Room - 1 section (171) $ $ 26'x41'x8'10"  
Happenings Room (104) $ $ 48'x54'x12' (1/2 circle)  
Michigan Room Lobby $ $    
Kiva (126) $ $ 54'x56'x10'-24'  
Alumni Room (327) $ $ 21'x24'x9'  
Superior Room (266) $ $ 16'x22'  
Main Lobby $ $ Varies  
2nd Floor Lobby $ $    
Distribution Table $      

Additional Information

  • Rental includes tables, chairs, podium, coat rack, and easel.  Table skirting is provided upon availability.  All large conference rooms are equipped with an in-house sound system and microphone(s).  Most conference rooms are equipped with audio-visual equipment; additional fees may apply for audio-visual equipment added to a conference room.  Refer to Equipment Rates for additional fees.

  • Rates are based on building operating hours.  Events requiring either early entry or an ending time beyond the scheduled building hours may be assessed overtime fees in addition to the rental fees.

    • Overtime (per hour 6 a.m. - midnight)           $75

    • Overtime (per hour midnight - 6 a.m.)           $100

    • Additional Labor (per hour)                             $40

  • Decorating time or event setup time is not included in the rental.  Additional charges may apply.

  • The University is closed during most nationally observed holidays; events are not booked when the University is closed.

  • At the discretion of Event and Building Services and the Department of Public Safety, additional security may be required for certain events.  Additional security fees are the responsibility of the renter.

  • Package rates are available on request.  Discounts do not apply to package rates.

  • A 10% discount off room rental applies to current UM-Flint employees and UM-Flint students renting for personal use.

  • A 10% discount off room rental applies for multiple day usage and/or multiple room usage.