UM-Flint Party/Dance Policy

You and your sponsoring organization are required to follow the policies outlined in this document if the event you are planning meets the following conditions defined as a dance/party:

  • the use of music
  • a defined area for social dancing
  • active, non-seated attendees

Scheduling your event and approval process:

  • Pick up a Party/Dance Authorization Form at the SIL office (361 UCEN).
  • Complete the Party/Dance Authorization Form and return it to the EBS office (176 UCEN).  This form must be returned no later than three weeks (21 days) prior to the requested date.
  • Once form is received, EBS and SIL will determine if the event and date requested will be approved, and the organization will be contacted.  Space may not be reserved until this approval process is complete.
  • Party/dance events may be held on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays only during fall and winter semesters.
  • Party/dance events may not be held on Study or Exam days or special event or tradition weekends; i.e. Homecoming, Academic Showcase, etc.
  • The sponsoring organization/event host is required to designate one person as the Event Contact.  Throughout the event planning process, this person will serve as the primary liaison between the other departments associated with the event. 
  • The Event Contact Person and/or sponsoring group will be responsible for any damage done to the university facility and surrounding buildings and grounds.  

Pre-event Planning Meeting:


  • The Event Contact Person, along with their advisor, will be required to meet with representatives from EBS, SIL, and DPS in order to review policies and make final event arrangements. 
  • The Pre-Event planning meeting will be scheduled based on the times you provide for you and your advisor on the Party/Dance Authorization Form, but the meeting needs to take place no less than 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the scheduled event.

Cancellation Process:

  • The dance may be canceled without penalty by contacting EBS no later than (7 days) in advance.  Dance cancellations that occur less than one week (7 days) in advance may be charged with expenses associated with scheduled staffing commitments.
  • Cancellations must be made by calling EBS at 762-3436 during regular business hours (8 am-5 pm Monday-Friday), or by emailing EBS at  Voice mails left outside of regular EBS business hours are not acceptable for cancellations.

Important Event Planning Information

Criteria for Admittance of Attendees and Guests:

One of the following criteria must be met in order to reserve space for a party or dance in a university facility:

  • The dance is open to valid UM-Flint ID holders only.  Student must present a valid UM-Flint ID and valid State-issued ID.
  • The dance is open to valid UM-Flint ID holders and one guest per ID holder.  Guest and student must present a valid State-issued ID.  Student must also present a valid UM-Flint ID.
  • The dance is open to all valid college ID holders and one guest.  Guest and student must present a valid State-issued ID.  Student must also present a valid college ID.
  • Be a private party which is by invitation only; i.e., prom, wedding reception, class reunion, President’s Ball, etc.


  • All forms of advertising must indicate the minimum age of guests (example: ‘Must be age 18 or older to attend’).
  • Parties/dances may not be advertised as ‘open to the public’ either as a free or paid admission basis.
  • All forms of advertising must indicate the criteria for admittance as stated above.
  • Flyers and other marketing material must be approved by the SIL office.

Room Capacities

The capacities listed below have been determined according to the Michigan State Fire Code and will be strictly enforced:

  • Michigan Rooms, University Center:
    • Dance floor and staging for disc jockey only - 500ppl
    • Dance floor, staging, and one section with tables and chairs - 425ppl
    • Dance floor, staging, and remaining 3 sections with tables and chairs - 275ppl 
  • Happenings, University Center
    • Dance floor and staging for disc jockey only - 250ppl
    • Dance floor, and staging with round tables/chairs - 120ppl
  • Genesee Room and stage area , University Pavilion 
    • Stage, tables used for disc jockey (dance floor built in) with existing tables/chairs - 350ppl

Guest Count & Wristbands

  • Wristbands are pre-counted for the event attendance as determined during the Pre-Event Planning Meeting.
  • Wristbands will be counted and supplied by the SIL office.
  • Wristbands will be put on each attendee as they enter. 
  • Wristbands are used to keep guest count, not for re-entry.
  • Entry will be discontinued when maximum guest count has been reached.

Room Set Up

Standard Set Up for Michigan Rooms:

  • Wired microphone for announcements
  • 8’x12’ stage (3 units) with an 8’ table and 2 chairs on it for the DJ
  • Coat racks located in the Michigan Room Lobby
  • 2 registration tables (no cover/no skirt)
  • stanchions and chains 
  • Sign holder in elevator lobby with the entrance guidelines posted as listed below:
    • Items from the No Tolerance Policy
    • Alcohol, controlled substances, firearms, canes, sticks, or other potential weapons are not allowed
    • There is no smoking allowed on any University property
  • The dance floor is not included with the use of any rooms, but is available for an additional fee.
  • NOTE:  During the event, lights may be dimmed slightly, but not completely turned off.  Lighting level will be set by EBS and maintained at a level that allows for proper monitoring of the event.

Event Decorating

All Decorating must be done in compliance with the policy as outlined in the EBS Event Planning Guidelines


DJ services should be contracted between the sponsoring organization and the DJ.  The DJ will need to provide the following (the SIL office can assist with this process):

  • Copy of personal liability insurance certificate  (naming the “Regents of the University of Michigan” as additional insured)
  • Contract
  • W9
  • Invoice
  • Electrical requirements
  • Electrical requirements should be communicated with EBS to ensure the room booked can accommodate those needs.

Last song is to be played 15 minutes prior to the end of the dance.

Event Parking

Suggested parking for each facility:

  • University Center – Mill Street Parking Ramp
  • University Pavilion – Surface lot (south of the Pavilion at the corner of Saginaw and Kearsley Streets)

Safety Requirements

DPS Officers and Security Personnel are required at a dance.  The event hosts are responsible pay for the cost of DPS coverage at a rate of $40/hour/officer.  The SIL office will cover the cost of security personnel.  The fees for DPS will be charged to the sponsoring organization (using a university chartfield) two weeks (14 days) prior to the event.

Number of Guests

Number of Security Personnel Assigned


3 security company personnel/1 DPS officer


5 security company personnel/1 DPS officer

301-500 6 security company personnel/2 DPS officers

Responsibilities of Event Staff

Event Hosts (Sponsoring Organization):

  • Plan and execute the event according to all University policies, including, but not limited to the Party/Dance Policy, EBS Event Planning Guidelines, the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Sponsoring organizations must ensure that volume levels do not infringe upon other events.
  • Communicate expectations of safety and that inappropriate/violent behavior will not be tolerated.  All guests attending the dance should be made aware of this expectation in event publicity and during the event.  The Event Hosts will be held responsible for any incidents and inappropriate behavior involving UM-Flint students and/or guests.
  • Event Hosts are expected to have 6 representatives available to “work” the dance.  Four individuals will be responsible for the check-in process, and 2 individuals will be stationed in the room to observe and report any inappropriate behavior
  • Check identification(s) of dance attendees with assistance from SIL staff; secure a wristband on each guest, and collect any entry fee assessed by the sponsoring organization. 
  • Reference a list of individuals who are banned from campus/residence hall, and do not allow entry of those individuals.
  • Event Hosts will be expected to monitor the event.  In the event of any disruptive or inappropriate behavior, Event Hosts will report these issues to SIL staff, EBS staff or DPS in order to prevent the escalation of behaviors.  
  • At the end of the event, Event Hosts will: 
    • make closing announcement to guests
    • usher guests out of room and return to the dance location
    • count and secure money 
    • clean-up returning the space to its original condition

Faculty/Staff Advisor of Sponsoring Organization – 1 person needed

A Faculty/Staff Advisor is required at party/dance events sponsored by recognized student organizations.  The advisor’s presence provides additional support and perspective.

Office of Student Involvement & Leadership Staff – 1 person needed

The role of the SIL staff is to advise student organizations in the planning and successful implementation of their dances and parties, and work with the students to coordinate all aspects of the event from beginning to end.  The staff will also ensure that the Event Hosts are performing their assigned responsibilities.

Event & Building Services Staff – 1 person needed

EBS staff is required at party/dance events.  EBS staff will monitor the event for violations of policy, ensure that requested room set-up and equipment are arranged, and will secure fees collected for the group throughout the event.

Department of Public Safety and Security Staff - # of people vary based on the expected number of attendees.

  • Security personnel will wand individuals at check-in.
  • Security personnel will monitor the event and will respond to any inappropriate and/or violent behavior, and will call upon DPS officers as necessary.
  • At the end of the event, security personnel will encourage guests to depart from the building and the parking lot in a safe and orderly manner; personnel will monitor and clear McKinnon Plaza and parking lot.
  • DPS Officers will patrol in and around event/building.
  • DPS Officers will respond to criminal behavior.

Day of the Event Guidelines and Responsibilities

Pre-Event Kick Off Meeting:

  • This is a required meeting for the Event Contact and Event Hosts, the SIL staff, Faculty/Staff advisor and EBS staff person.
  • This meeting will take place 45 minutes prior to the scheduled event. 
  • This meeting will be called to order and facilitated by the SIL staff person in collaboration with the EBS staff.
  • Event Hosts will be assigned roles for the duration of the event, and badges will be distributed.
  • Final information regarding the event needs and any concerns will be discussed at this meeting.

Event Entry Guidelines:

  • Four Event Hosts will be seated at a table(s) located at the ‘entrance’ to the event: 

    • SIL staff will be present to assist.
    • Security Personnel will wand each guest to ensure a safe event.
  • Staff members from EBS, DPS, SIL and Event Hosts, along with the sponsoring group contact person reserve the right to deny entry to any guest.
  • The SIL and EBS staff will have the responsibility for the official count using wristbands and will make the determination when room capacity has been reached.
  • Participants are not allowed re-entry after leaving the designated dance area.  
    • The entry will be monitored by the Event Hosts and wristbands will be removed from guests as they exit.
    • Event Hosts are responsible for enforcing the no re-entry policy.  
  • The representative of the Event Host group will be responsible for collecting all money.  
    • Entry fees will be reconciled by the students, sealed in a money bag and stored in the EBS safe or other designated area for safe keeping. 
    • Money can be picked up on the next business day. 
    • An arrangement for an escort by Public Safety is strongly encouraged.  
  • The admittance policy will be posted by EBS at the entrance of the dance. Strolling time will be posted with the admittance policy.

Protocol for Ending Event:

The Event Hosts will announce that the last song will be played.  We suggest the following language:

Thank you for attending and supporting our event.  This is the last song.   To ensure safety, we ask that you exit the building in an orderly manner and move quickly through McKinnon Plaza to the parking lot. We also ask that you depart from the parking lot as soon as possible.  Drive safely and good night.

If the event has to end early due to inappropriate/violent behavior, a SIL staff member will turn the lights on and make an announcement.  The following language is suggested:

Due to safety concerns, we are ending this event early.  We ask that you exit the building in an orderly manner and move quickly through McKinnon Plaza to the parking lot. We also ask that you depart from the parking lot as soon as possible.  Drive safely and good night.

With the assistance of security personnel and other staff, dance hosts will usher guests out of room and building.

Security personnel and DPS Police Officers will usher guests out of McKinnon Plaza and the parking lot.

Behavior Expectations During the Event

The University has a No Tolerance Policy for inappropriate behavior.  The following behavior is NOT allowed under any circumstances:

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Smoking
  • Fighting
  • Pushing/Shoving
  • Possession of firearms, canes, sticks, or other potential weapons
  • Use of illegal drugs
  • Disruptive behavior

Participants who choose to exhibit any of these behaviors will be escorted from campus immediately and will not be allowed to attend ANY dance/party events hosted on campus for a minimum of one full year from the date of the violation.

Failure to comply with any of the rules and expectations expressed in this document will result in the sponsoring organization losing the privilege of using University facilities to host similar activities.  The length of any facility suspension shall be determined by the totality of the circumstances involved.  SIL, EBS, and DPS staff will make decisions regarding loss of privileges.

Post-Event Debrief Meeting

A post-event debrief meeting will be scheduled by Student Affairs to discuss an event and any incidents that have   occurred on an as needed basis.  Representatives from the hosting student organization, SIL, EBS, and DPS will participate.  

Limitations of this policy:

  • This policy does not supersede other University policies, Regents’ Ordinances, and/or local, state, and federal laws.  This policy complies with all University of Michigan non-discrimination policies.
  • The University reserves the right and responsibility to control access to, and use of, its property.  Requests from a sponsoring organization may be modified or denied for several reasons, including but not limited to:
    • fire capacity of the total facility.
    • limitations upon the sponsoring organization as a result of UM-Flint sanctions.
    • conflicts or potential conflicts with other scheduled areas, other programs, or ongoing business.
  • It may be deemed necessary to implement special requirements or conditions not specifically outlined in this policy.  These will be specified at the pre-event meeting that will be scheduled after the space is booked with Event & Building Services (EBS).