Event Planning Guidelines
  • Designated areas in the Harding Mott University Center (UCEN), University Pavilion (UPAV), Northbank Center (NBC), William S. White Building (WSW), Murchie Science Building (MSB), and French Hall (FH) are available for meetings, activities, and events.  The following policies and procedures apply.
  • Facilities are reserved in the order in which requests are received, with consideration given to the size of the group and available space.  Event and Building Services (EBS) reserves the right to assign, and if necessary, reassign space to assure the most efficient and appropriate use of facilities.
  • Willful or careless damage to University property or equipment shall necessitate a replacement and/or repair charge.  The user is responsible for the actions of all participants.
  • A representative of the group must remain in the facility until the event is completed and everyone (including caterers, entertainers, media personnel, etc.) has vacated the premises.  Overtime charges will be assessed when individuals remain in facilities beyond scheduled times.
  • Users and their representatives must obey all University and EBS policies, regulations, guidelines, and all local, state and federal laws.
  • All facilities and grounds of The University of Michigan – Flint (UM-Flint) campus are smoke free.
Rental Periods
  • All rates, when applicable, are based on 4 hours of continuous use and will be charged on a per-business-day basis.  Regular facility hours will be the basis for determining a business day.
  • Event ending time will be booked 15 minutes before regular building closing time.
  • Events scheduled beyond regular building hours will be assessed overtime fees (exception: Approved Student Organization events that are not co-sponsored with an external organization).
  • Events scheduled during normally closed periods should be discussed in advance with EBS to determine if any overtime charges will be assessed.
  • For space in the UCEN, UPAV, MSB, NBC, FH and WSW Building, please contact EBS at 762-3436.
  • Space can also be reserved using Virtual EMS by visiting  http://its-emssrv/virtualems
  • One time use of classrooms can be reserved only by calling EBS direct.
  • Users may only use rooms they have reserved.
  • Ongoing events can only be booked one semester at a time.
  • Reservations for major events (banquets, dances, etc.) with attendance of 100 or more must be confirmed no less than 21 days prior to the event.
  • Tentative reservations will be held for 14 calendar days.
  • Departments are required to provide a chartfield when booking an event that will incur fees.
  • For registered student organizations, only approved signers can book events.  Registered student organization advisors are not approved to book events for the student organization.
Room Arrangements and Equipment
  • Events with attendance over 100 or with non-standard arrangements will require a planning meeting with an EBS staff member.
  • Room arrangements for large and/or non-standard events must be established at least 48 hours before the event.
  • Alumni, Boardwalk, Huron, Lapeer, Mott Foundation Conference Room, Oakland, Shiawassee, and Superior have standard conference setups.  A minimum fee of $25 will be assessed if these setups are altered or rearranged in a way that requires staff to reset the room.
  • Fees will be assessed for equipment delivered and used outside UCEN, WSW, NBC and UPAV conference space.
  • Equipment and/or audio visual equipment added or changed less than 1 hour before the scheduled start time of an event may be subject to additional labor charges ($5.00 minimum).
  • A 24-hour advance notice is required to cancel a reserved space.
  • If cancelation occurs after a multi-function space has been set (Genesee Room, Grand Banquet Hall, Happenings, Kiva, Lobbies, Michigan Rooms, Ontario, Park Place, Saginaw Room, and Tuscola Rooms), a minimum fee of $25 per room will be assessed.
  • Cancelations must be made by calling EBS at 762-3436 during regular business hours (8am-5pm Monday-Friday), or by emailing EBS at reservations@list.umflint.edu.  Voice mails left outside of regular EBS office business hours are not acceptable cancelations.
No Shows
  • “No Show” is when space is reserved, the room is set and/or prepared for use and the group does not meet and the room is not canceled.
  • If a “no show” occurs, a minimum fee of $25 per room will be assessed.
  • If a “no show” occurs more than 3 times per semester, the room scheduling privileges will be revoked for the remainder of that semester.
  • All decorating plans in the facilities or surrounding areas must be approved by EBS in advance.
  • All decorations must be removed immediately after the event.  If not done, labor fees may apply.
  • Items may not be attached to light fixtures, sprinkler heads, woodwork, windows, glass surfaces, window treatments or any painted or wallpapered surface.
  • The use of table confetti, rice, tinsel, or any decoration that can be sprinkled onto a surface is prohibited and is subject to an automatic $50 cleaning fee.
  • Use of candles must be enclosed on all sides and must be approved by EBS in advance.  Open flames and burning of incense or any other material is prohibited.
  • Doorways, hallways, corridors, staircases and fire exits cannot be blocked or obstructed at any time.  All electrical cords must be secured to the floor.
  • No pins, tacks, or any piercing mechanism may be used in any conference room or to attach items to tables or chairs.
  • The use of double sided tape is not allowed.
  • NBC only:  All balloons must be equipped with an eight yard string.  If unattached balloons rise to the ceiling, a minimum fee of $50 will be assessed for removal.  No balloons can be used in the lobby at NBC.
Audio/Visual Equipment
  • A wide variety of audio visual (A/V) equipment is available.
  • A/V equipment requests are subject to availability.
  • A/V requests should be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the event.
  • A/V equipment used outside UCEN, UPAV, WSW and NBC conference space will require a technician to deliver and recover.  The user will be responsible for delivery charges and the per-hour fee for the technician, if applicable.
Material/Product Distribution
  • Solicitation of any kind, for any purpose, is not permitted within the buildings of UM-Flint.  Examples of solicitation would include, but is not limited to, the distribution of sample products, handing out marketing materials (except handbills approved by Student Life), asking for petition signatures, and other similar activities.
  • Products and/or materials may be distributed from reserved tables, however must not conflict with campus policy.  EBS will make the determination if there is a conflict.
  • Table charges, if applicable, will be according to the current rate schedule.
  • Use of multiple tables by a group or individual is subject to availability.
  • On-campus Visitor/Conference Parking is available Monday through Friday, midnight – 5 p.m. in the Mill Street Parking Deck (Mill Street and Kearsley Street).  Open parking is available 5 p.m. – midnight Monday through Friday and on weekends.
  • Parking for the UPAV is available at the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) surface lot (Saginaw Street and Kearsley Street).  The rates for this lot are set by the DDA.
  • In addition to the ramp rental fee, the UPAV Parking ramp rental will include a Department of Public Safety (DPS) charge of $32/hr .
  • Parking for NBC is available in the attached parking deck.  Only limited parking is available during regular business hours at $2 per vehicle; limited free remote parking is available. A parking attendant may be required for certain events.  Additional fees may apply.
  • The University may require DPS officers to be present at an event.  The number of DPS personnel will be determined by EBS and the Department of Public Safety.  Additional fees may apply.
  • NBC safety fees will be charged for events held outside of regular business hours.
Room Cleaning and Condition
  • Events that are booked as “back to back” events may require additional custodial service or grounds cleanup before or between events.  Additional labor charges may be assessed.
  • The group is responsible for picking up their event space upon completion of their event.
  • A minimum of $25 per event space will be charged for event spaces requiring beyond normal cleaning time.
Tabling Events

All requests for tabling events will default to the third floor UCEN.

If a tabling event must be held on the second floor UCEN due to another tabling event on the third floor UCEN, the following guidelines will apply:

  • Sixteen (16) tables is the maximum number of tables allowable (including food tables, vendor tables, exhibit tables, etc.) on the second floor UCEN.
  • Usable tabling space on the second floor UCEN includes:
    • The area along the slanted windows from a point beginning near the water fountain and leading up to (and not beyond) the 4th pillar (10 tables max in this area).
    • The area along the second floor railing overlooking the main lobby (6 tables max in this area).
    • None of the table placement may interfere with day-to-day foot traffic or activities in the lounge areas, nor may tables be placed in such a way as they may block doorways.
  • Other than the areas listed above, tables are not permitted in any other locations on the second floor UCEN.
  • Sound amplification requests on the second floor UCEN will be considered on an event-by-event basis.
  • If amplification is used, maximum volume levels will be established by EBS and monitored to avoid interference with daily operations of offices located on the second floor UCEN.
  • Portable staging is not permitted on the second floor UCEN.
  • Lecture style seating is not permitted on the second floor UCEN.
UPAV Genesee Room

The University Pavilion is a unique facility that contains a diverse array of entities: university offices, open lounges, commercial eateries, and conference space. 

Please note the following guidelines when determining if the University Pavilion is the right venue for your event:

  • For special events, the Genesee Room (main seating area, first floor) is available for use “As Is”.   “As Is” is defined as using the square, green tables and existing chairs as well as using the normal table/chair setup.
  • The Genesee Room is available for event use Monday through Thursday but only “As Is”.  Friday afternoon will normally be used to reset the room for an event that may occur in the Genesee Room on a Saturday or a Sunday.
  • Round tables may be used in the Genesee Room ONLY if the event is scheduled on a Saturday or a Sunday.
  • To remove the green tables and reset with round tables, the group will be charged additional labor costs.  A minimum of two (2) EBS setup workers will be scheduled at the rate of $30.00/hour/person (University and co-sponsored events) with an average time needed of three hours.
  • If the UPAV is used outside regular business hours overtime fees will apply.
  • If the customer requests, pipe and draping may be used to cover the Pavilion food storefronts.  There is a flat fee of $50 for this service.
  • When rounds are used at an event, the Saginaw Room will become a storage room for unused tables and chairs.
  • Additional Safety officer charges may apply.

EBS reserves the right to make exceptions and/or additions to any reservation policy.