University of Michigan-Flint Food Safety Policy

The University of Michigan-Flint Food Safety Policy applies to all areas of campus defined in any of the categories listed below:

  • Meetings/conference rooms (reservable spaces)                                                    
  • Outdoor areas including parking lots, parks, lawns
  • Lounges (open areas that can be entered from a hallway or by the general public)
  • Atriums/Lobbies   
  • University funded events held off campus within a serviceable distance (exception is made if you are using a facility that requires use of an exclusive caterer)                           
  • All other areas on University property where events might be scheduled

All food and beverages consumed on campus must be obtained from University Catering Services or an Approved Caterer from the list below.  The exception is food brought to campus for one’s own personal consumption.

UM-Flint is dedicated to protecting the campus community and its guests, and to that end has established this food safety policy.

It is important that food service providers prepare and serve food in a safe manner in accordance with state and local regulations and ordinances.  Any potentially hazardous food offered to the public requires licensing of a food vendor by a local health department.  Potentially Hazardous Food is defined as food that is natural or synthetic and that requires temperature control because it is in a form capable of supporting the rapid and progressive growth of infectious or toxigenic microorganisms (Clostridium botulinum, Salmonella enteritidis, etc).

To prevent serving potentially hazardous food to the public, The Genesee County Health Department, a branch of the Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA), requires that food served at UM-Flint must be prepared in a licensed facility. The “public” includes any group of faculty, staff, students and/or guests gathered for a formal event, meeting, or activity. To be in compliance, the following applies to UM-Flint:

  1. If food has been prepared in a facility licensed by the MDA, transported in a safe manner, and held at proper temperatures at a temporary serving location, no “additional” license is required, provided that no cooking, slicing, assembly, or other preparation occurs at the temporary serving location. At UM-Flint, only University Catering Service or a University Approved Caterer (surcharge applies) may be used for catering purposes.
  2. Food prepared in a non-licensed facility may only be served at functions such as closed department or unit activities i.e., staff meetings, “potlucks”, etc. which are held in a private area and not held in a room/space scheduled through EBS or one that would be accessible to the general public.
  3. Vending machines authorized by the University may dispense packaged foods or beverages.
  4. Temporary food service carts (cotton candy, ice cream, snow cones), with no food preparation, using only single-service articles, may serve only non-potentially-hazardous foods or beverages. These events must be pre-approved by EBS.
  5. Campus groups may sell only pre-packaged, non-potentially hazardous foods, and offer only an incidental amount of food, such as sale of single-service packages. These events must be pre-approved by EBS.
  6. Fund raisers by student groups may only sell pre-packaged nonperishable food items (no home-made baked goods). These types of fundraisers are scheduled through the Office of Student Life by calling (810) 762-3431.

approved caterers
Outdoor grilling Policy

Outdoor grilling on the campus of UM-Flint is permitted only in specified areas.  All grilling must be performed by

  1. University Catering Service
  2. Pavilion food vendors
  3. Approved Caterer.  If selecting an Approved Caterer, a 15% surcharge applies to the total amount of the invoice.

Due to food safety regulations, the Genesee County Health Department requires a special license for all outdoor cooking, including grilling.  The caterer must obtain a one-day license in order to provide outdoor cooking service.

University departments, as well as students, student groups, faculty and staff are not permitted the use of outdoor grilling equipment (University-owned or personal) on campus.

Below are the areas where grilling on campus is permitted:

  • Willson Park (corner of Wallenberg and First Streets)
  • North Lawn (grassy area located north of the UCEN and south of the Flint River)
  • McKinnon Plaza
  • Grassy area located east of Lot R (corner of Robert T. Longway and James P. Cole Boulevard)
  • Picnic pavilion area located near the pedestrian bridge on the north side of the Flint River (on James P. Cole Boulevard)
  • Requests for other grilling locations will be considered for areas not mentioned above

Any questions regarding areas on campus where outdoor grilling is desired should be directed to EBS.  University Catering Service retains the right to grill at locations not mentioned in this policy.