Posting Policy

Please find the full policy in the Student Life Guidebook from the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership.

  • Flyers/posters may be posted on designated bulletin boards and on the concrete pillars inside the University Center only.
  • All flyers and posters must be approved by the Office of Student Life.  If a flyer or poster is distributed without the official Student Life stamp of approval, it will be removed immediately.
  • Flyers cannot exceed 11”x17”.
  • No off-campus advertising is permitted.
  • They may not be posted on doors, glass, painted surfaces, or bricks.
  • Only one flyer per bulletin board or pillar.
Table Tents
  • Table tents can be made from a paper size of 8.5”x11” maximum.
  • They can be placed on tables on the 3rd floor University Center and University Pavilion dining area only.
  • All table tents must be approved by the Office of Student Life prior to distribution.
  • Unauthorized table tents will be removed immediately.

Banners may be hung in the following locations:

  • 2nd floor balcony of UCEN into Atrium
  • 2nd floor balcony of UCEN facing TV’s
  • 3rd floor stairwell in UCEN in front of Grill 155
  • 3rd floor railing in UCEN in front of Student Loft
  • 2nd floor balcony in Thompson Library
  • 2nd floor balcony in University Pavilion (permanent, vinyl banners only; no paper banners allowed)
  • No tape allowed on the floors.
  • Only numbered windows in the University Center and the MSB Breezeway may be painted.
  • You must reserve windows through the Student Organization Center at least 24 hours prior to painting the windows.
  • Only water-based window paint may be used on the windows.  Please see the Office of Student Life for approval of paint.
  • Use of tape is not permitted on windows or glass.
  • Chalking is permitted on the sidewalks and open walkways of campus property; however, you are not allowed to chalk directly in front of entranceways.
  • No chalking is permitted on any vertical locations, including the sides of buildings, concrete pillars, etc.
  • Chalking must be in a location where the advertisement can be reached by rain; therefore, chalking under any overhang is prohibited.
Digital Signs
  • Digital signs must advertise an on-campus open event sponsored by a recognized student organization or campus department.
  • Advertisement of commercial products or services is prohibited.
  • All submissions must be proofread; any grammar or spelling errors will cause your request to be denied.
  • For a complete list of rules and to submit your image, visit