EBS Express

EBS Express offers a limited menu of light refreshments for meetings and receptions.  The menu and pricing below are for University of Michigan-Flint departments and recognized student organizations.

  • Orders for groups in excess of twenty-five people will be referred to University Catering Service.
  • Orders may be placed when scheduling room(s).
  • All orders must be placed at least one (1) business day in advance of the event.  Due to a relatively short shelf life, those items listed below with an asterisk (*) require at least two (2) business days advance notice.
  • Orders must be cancelled no less than 24 hours in advance to avoid cancellation fees.
  • Orders outside the UCEN will be charged a minimum $10 delivery fee for orders up to $100, or 10% for orders above $100.
  • Orders delivered to MSB or FH will not include a refreshment table(s) unless specifically requested.  Delivery of refreshment tables is $5.00/table and includes table skirting.  Linen table covers will also be delivered at $3.00 each.
  • Chartfields are required when the order is placed.
  • Groups may keep leftover food, but must supply their own containers.
  • Only disposables will be used for plates, flatware, etc.  EBS is an eco-friendly operation.
Bagels with cream cheese: plain/blueberry/onion/cinnamon raisin $10 / dozen
Brownies, assorted * $13 / dozen
Cookies, assorted $6 / dozen
Danish, assorted $7 / dozen
Fresh fruit: apples/oranges/bananas * $1.25 each
Muffins, assorted $8 / dozen
Nutri-grain Bars, assorted $7.50 / dozen
Poptarts, assorted $7.50 / dozen
Potato chips with dip (serves 12) * $10
Popcorn (small box with coupon) $ .90 / box
Popcorn (small) (add .25 per box for delivery) $1 / box
Popcorn (large) (add .25 per box for delivery) $1.25 / box
Tortilla chips with salsa (serves 12) * $10
Yogurt, assorted * $1.25 each
Citrus Punch (serves 16) $7.50 / gallon
Coffee: regular/decaffeinated (serves 16) $7.50 / gallon
Hot Tea (packet) $1 each
Juice, assorted (10 oz. bottle) $1 each
Lemonade: regular/diet (12 oz. can) $ .80 each
Pop: Coke/Diet Coke/Sprite (12 oz. can) $ .80 each
Water, Iced (2 pitchers) $2.50
Water (20 oz. bottle) $ .80 each
Special Order (at least 2 business days advance notice required)  
Small fruit tray (serves 8-10) * $18
Big Apple Bagel Muffins * $27/dozen, $13.50/half-dozen
Big Apple Bagel Bagels with cream cheese * $20/dozen, $10/half-dozen