Standard Policy

Meeting and event space is available for rent at the University of Michigan - Flint.  The following policies and procedures apply to the temporary use of facilities that are made available for meetings, activities and events.

General Guidelines

  • Facilities are reserved in the order in which requests are received, with consideration given to the size of the group, and available space.  Event and Building Services (EBS) reserves the right to assign, and, if necessary, reassign facilities to ensure the most efficient and appropriate utilization of facilities.
  • Willful or careless damage to university property or equipment shall necessitate a replacement and/or repair charge.
  • Renters and their representatives shall abide by all University and EBS policies, regulations, guidelines, and all local, state and federal laws.
  • The renter is responsible for the actions of all participants.  Violation of any Universtiy or EBS policy will result in the loss of scheduling privileges and may include civil or criminal charges.
  • A representative of the renter's group must remain in the facility until the event is complete and everyone (including caterers, entertainers, media personnel, etc.) have vacated the premises.  Overtime charges will be assessed when individuals remain in facilities beyond scheduled times.
  • The University of Michigan-Flint is a smoke-free campus.

Rental Periods

  • All rates are based on continuous use and will be charged on a per-business-day basis.  Regular facility hours will be the basis for determining a business day.
  • During regular building hours, events may not begin until one-half hour after the building opens and must end one-half hour before the building closes.  Events scheduled beyond these parameters will be assessed overtime fees.
  • Events scheduled during normally closed periods will be assessed the per-hour overtime rate in addition to the regular room charge.  These rates begin one-half hour before the group arrives and ends one-half hour after the group leaves.


  • For space in the Harding Mott University Center, Northbank Center, University Pavilion, Murchie Science Building, French Hall and William S. White Building, please contact EBS, Room 176 Harding Mott University Center at (810) 762-3436.
  • A signed Rental Agreement is required before a room/space is confirmed.  Any changes to the Rental Agreement must be authorized by EBS.
  • Renters may use only rooms they have reserved.
  • Reservations for events with attendance of 100 or more must be confirmed at least 15 business days prior to the event.
  • Tentative reservations will be held for 14 calendar days.  A tentative reservation is confirmed when the required security deposit and/or rental fees and a signed Rental Agreement are received by EBS.  After 14 days, a tentative reservation is automatically removed without further contact with the customer and the space becomes available for others to rent.

Security Deposits and Rental Payments

  • A security deposit is required for events with 30 or more attendees and/or for events requesting food or beverages.
  • The security deposit is $300 if there will be no food or beverages, or if University Catering or EBS Express will be providing the food or beverages.  The security deposit will be $700 if one of the approved caterers other than University Catering or EBS Express will be providing the food or beverages.
  • The security deposit will be refunded within 45 days after the event if the rented space is free of damage and all other room reservation expenses have been paid in full.
  • One-half of the rental fee is due 180 days prior to the event.  The balance is due 30 days prior to the event.
  • Events booked fewer than 180 days prior to the event will require the security deposit plus one-half of the rental fee to confirm.
  • Events booked fewer than 30 days prior to the event will require the security deposit plus the entire rental fee to confirm.
  • Credit card information must remain on file in EBS until after the event for any unaccountable fees including damage or money owed for the use of an Approved Caterer.  The University of Michigan-Flint reserves the right to automatically charge the amount owed to the credit card after notifying the cardholder of the charges.


  • If a cancellation occurs prior to 180 days before the event, a $200 fee will be assessed against the security deposit.
  • If a cancellation occurs within 180 days of the event, the entire security deposit and pre-paid rental fees will be forfeited.

Room Arrangements and Equipment

  • Events with attendance over 100 or with non-standard arrangements requires a planning meeting with the Rental Agreement signer and a Special Events Manager.
  • Room arrangements for large and/or non-standard events must be confirmed at least 48 hours before the event.  Changes after 48 hours, or after the room is set, will be assessed additional fees.
  • Several meeting rooms have a standard and fixed setup of a conference table and chairs.  A minimum fee of $25 will be assessed if the standard setup is altered or rearranged.
  • EBS offers a wide variety of audio/visual and other equipment for conference/meeting events.  If an event requests equipment that may require transport from another locaiton, a fee will be assessed.

Audio/Visual Equipment

  • A wide variety of audio/visual equipment is available for rent.
  • Equipment requests are subject to availability.
  • Equipment may require a delivery and recovery fee.

Food Service

  • All food and beverages consumed in rental areas must be obtained either from University Catering Services or from a caterer on the Approved Caterers List.  The caterer must be confirmed with EBS prior to the event.

Bar Service

Harding Mott University Center
  • The University of Michigan-Flint maintains a liquor license for the Harding Mott University Center.
  • All alcohol is provided by EBS with this service.
  • All alcohol must be dispensed by EBS staff that have been trained and certified in alcohol management.
  • Cash bar service or open bar service options are available at this location.
  • Please see bar service policy for more information.
Northbank Center and University Pavilion
  • The Northbank Center and University Pavilion are non-licensed facilities.
  • All alcohol is provided by the contract signer.  A host liability insurance policy is required.
  • All alcohol must be dispensed by EBS staff that have been trained and certified in alcohol management.
  • Open bar service options are available at these locations.  Special licensing is required in a non-licensed facility to sell alcohol at an event.  Special licensing is available only to non-profit or civic organizations and not individual private parties.
  • Please see bar service policy for more information.


  • All decorating plans (inside or outside) must be approved in advance by EBS.
  • All decorations must be provided by renter/decorator and removed immediately after the event.
  • Pins, tacks, or any piercing mechanism is prohibited from use in any meeting room, on tables, chairs, or any other equipment.
  • The use of confetti, rice, tinsel, etc. is prohibited.  If found, there is an automatic $100 cleaning fee.  This fee will be assessed to the security deposit.
  • Items may not be attached to light fixtures, sprinkler heads, woodwork, window treatments or any painted surface.
  • Open flames and burning of incense is prohibited.  Use of candles must be enclosed by glass and approved from use in advance by EBS.
  • Doorways, hallways, corridors, staircases and fire exits cannot be blocked or obstructed at any time.  All electrical cords must be taped to the floor.
  • Northbank Center only:  All balloons must be equipped with an eight yard string.  If unattached balloons rise to the ceiling, a minimum fee of $40 will be assessed.  Balloons may not be used in the Northbank Center foyer.

Material/Product Distribution

  • Distribution of flyers or products, or solicitation of any kind, for any purpose, is not permitted by any group, individual or organization within buildings of the University of Michigan-Flint.  A group, individual or organization may rent a distribution table for these purposes.
  • Products and/or materials that are distributed from rented tables must not conflict with campus policy.  The possibility of a policy conflict must be determined in advance.  If the policy conflict is discovered after the renter is using the table, the Rental Agreement will become null and void and the renter will be asked to vacate the premises.
  • Table charges will be assessed according to the current rate schedule.


  • All University of Michigan-Flint parking lots and parking ramps have restricted parking Monday through Friday between 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.  Open parking is available campus-wide Monday through Friday, 6 p.m. - midnight as well as all day/evening Saturday and Sunday.
  • Open parking exceptions: University Pavilion Parking Ramp and Northbank Center Parking Ramp are closed weekends but can be made available for an additional fee.



  • The type of event, along with the event time, may require additional Department of Public Safety (DPS) staffing.  The DPS staffing costs are the responsibility of the contract signer.  The number of DPS officers assigned to an event will be determined jointly by EBS and DPS.


EBS reserves the right to make exceptions and/or additions to any standard policy listed.