UPAV Genesee Room

The University Pavilion is a unique facility that contains a diverse array of entities: university offices, open lounges, commercial eateries, and conference space.   

Please note the following guidelines when determining if the University Pavilion is the right venue for your event:

  • For special events, the Genesee Room (main seating area, first floor) is available for use “As Is”.   “As Is” is defined as using the square, green tables and existing chairs as well as using the normal table/chair setup. 
  • The Genesee Room is available for event use Monday through Thursday but only “As Is”.  Friday afternoon will normally be used to reset the room for an event that may occur in the Genesee Room on a Saturday or a Sunday.
  • Round tables may be used in the Genesee Room ONLY if the event is scheduled on a Saturday or a Sunday.
  • To remove the green tables and reset with round tables, the group will be charged additional labor costs.  A minimum of two (2) EBS setup workers will be scheduled at the rate of $30.00/hour/person (University and co-sponsored events) with an average time needed of three hours.
  • If the UPAV is used outside regular business hours overtime fees will apply. 
  • If the customer requests, pipe and draping may be used to cover the Pavilion food storefronts.  There is a flat fee of $50 for this service.
  • When rounds are used at an event, the Saginaw Room will become a storage room for unused tables and chairs.
  • Additional Safety officer charges may apply.