EDE 504 - Learning in the 21st Century

This course examines what we know about learning and teaching, both in and out of school, from a variety of angles including social, historical, philosophical, psychological, and physiological perspectives.  The course will focus particularly on exploring a range of research on learning and its implications for educational practice.  Students will have opportunities to focus on areas of interest in preparation for their own project and research work in subsequent courses.


EDE 670 - Research Seminar (3 credits)

Seminar providing support for professional development and evaluation and execution of research.


EDT 510 - Foundations of Technology in Education (3 credits)

Introduction to foundational issues of technology in the field of education; innovative uses of computer and the Internet to support student learning; possibilities and challenges of integrating technology into teaching environments. Students design lesson plan units that integrate technology into the classroom. Basic word processing skills assumed.


EDT 520 - Mentor Seminar for Educational Programs (3 credits)

Online mentoring and management of a web-based educational project, while addressing pedagogy and content in Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, or Visual Arts. Students taking this course meet in seminar format and interact online with K-12 students in diverse geographic locations.  Not open to students with credit for EDT420.


EDT 521 - Technology Skills for Educators (1-3 credits)

A series of mini-courses that build skills using computers or other educational technologies. Participants may choose from approved mini-courses offered on-line, on campus, and at off-campus locations. May be reelected to a total of 6 credits.


EDT 525 - Investigations in Open Education (3 credits)

Guided exploration and reflection on learning through freely available educational resources.  May include participation in an open online course.


EDT 535 - Online Course Design (3 credits)

Theory and methods of designing online courses and activities for K-12 and higher education.


EDT 544 - Assistive Technology for Students with Special Needs (3 credits)

Introduction to appropriate technology and assistive devices for supporting students with special needs. Assessment of individual needs and the appropriate accommodations, adaptations, and use of technology. Recent technological innovations examined in light of research and legislations about special needs learners. Also listed asEDN544.


EDT 575 - Introduction to Web Development (3 credits)

Introduction to website/web application development for educational purposes, using coding protocols like HTML and CSS; database systems like MySQL; development environments such as Ruby on Rails; and other design and development tools as applicable.  Focus on tools and techniques for rapid prototyping and agile development.


EDT 576 - Introduction to Mobile App Development (3 credits)

Introduction to educational software development for phones, tablets, and other mobile device.  Focus on tools and techniques for rapid prototyping and agile development.


EDT 580 - Independent Study (1-3 credits)

Research, readings or special projects tailored to academic needs and interests of the student in a topic related to technology in education. Students should consult with advisor about applying credits to an MA in Education specialization. May be repeated to a maximum of 4 credits.


EDT 585 - Special Topics (1-6 credits)

Focus on various topics, including intensive study of specific areas related to technology in education. May follow a nontraditional university calendar schedule and may be delivered in non-traditional formats. Section titles vary based on topic of study. Students should consult with advisor about applying credits to an MA in Education specialization. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 credits when topics vary.


EDT 630 - Institute for Innovation in Education (1-5 credits)

Participation in scheduled gatherings of the Institute for Innovation in Education, held multiple times each year in Michigan and various international locations. One credit for attendance at and reflection on a public conference; 1 credit for presenting at a public conference; 1-3 credits for project teamwork.  May be reelected to a total of 6 credits.


EDT 631 - Online Project Collaboration Methods and Tools (1 credit)

Survey of tools and techniques for collaboration and project management by distributed work teams.


EDT 632 - Professional seminar (1 credit per semester; must be taken at least twice)

Focus on knowledge relevant to careers in educational technology teaching, research, leadership, and development.  Topics may include entrepreneurship, grant writing, community-building, curriculum design, etc.


EDT 640 - Digital Media Production (3 credits)

Intensive, hands-on introduction to creating videos for educational purposes, including basic filming and digital editing techniques. Focus both on creating video as instructional material, and on involving students in video production. Additional topics include using video in web sites, curriculum integration, and ethical and legal issues.


EDT 641 - Technology: Focus on Literacy (3 credits)

Focus on the impact of technology on reading, writing, and literacy development. Emphasis on computers, but other technologies also considered. Readings and discussion of theoretical and research literature; hands-on use and evaluation of various software packages that support the processes of reading and writing.


EDT 650 - Project Design and Fieldwork (3-9 credits)

Supervised project work independently or in teams.


EDT 660 - Enactment of Educational Programs (3 credits)

Facilitation of a group of learners (in a formal or informal educational setting) participating in a technology-enhanced project. Students will also discuss and reflect on pedagogical issues related to the enactment of the project. A choice of projects for various grade levels and subject matter will be available. This class requires students to dedicate at least 12 hours of instructional time to a project over the course of a semester.


EDT 699 - Leadership of Educational Programs (3 credits)

Designed for graduate students who are interested in becoming leaders of web-based educational projects, while addressing fundamental issues of learning theory and pedagogy related to using technology in education.