Innovation in Education Gatherings are cornerstone events in the Institute for Innovation in Education (iiE), a new initiative based at the University of Michigan.  They aim to meet growing needs for agile, creative approaches to the educational and social challenges of our times; for stronger connections among educational, social, and commercial organizations working together to nurture more highly skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate citizenries; and for ongoing professional communities to support creative educators dedicated to the design of immersive learning experiences.  Gatherings are held at least twice a year, once in Michigan and once in a different part of the world in conjuction with partner institutions.

iiE Gatherings are designed to help new, emerging, and established projects and move forward with renewed plans, resources, and ideas, and to create goals and working plans for the following 6 to 12 months.  At the same time, each Gathering is designed to maximize opportunities for feedback and exchange among project teams, and to strengthen relationships among individuals within a global network of professionals committed to ongoing discourse, improvement and change in education.  

Gatherings generally extend across four days, with one day designed to be open to the general public, and the other days reserved for workshops and project work in established or ad-hoc teams.

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Upcoming Gatherings

Please see the IIE Website for information about upcoming Gatherings.


Gatherings and the UM-Flint Ed Tech master's program:

Developer track students are required to attend at least two Gatherings.  MA students in the program work in teams to develop, pilot, and evaluate projects that utilize technology in meaningful and inventive ways. Along with current students in the MA program, Gatherings are attended by program alumni, educators from various parts of the world, and other affiliates of the IIE, all of whom will share and provide collaborative opportunities.

Ed Tech students, lifelong learning students, and guest students can register for credit for Gatherings under EDT 630. 

There are three ways to participate and receive EDT 630 credit:

1. Engage in preparatory discussions/activities/readings, attend the Gathering, and write a brief reflection afterward.  -- 1 credit.

2. Join a project team that has committed to working at the Gathering, and participate for all four days (subject to availability and the approval of the team). -- 2-5 credits, depending on amount of preparation and other project work planned.

3. Propose your own project (individually or with others), invite others to join, and participate for all four days. -- 2-5 credits.

Participants are responsible for their own transportation to gatherings and other travel expenses, but travel costs can often be partially or fully bundled into financial aid for eligible students.