The Institute for Innovation in Education is an incubator of ideas, projects, and partnerships at the intersection of technology and learning. Students and alumni of the UM-Flint Educational Technology master's program are automatically part of the IIE, and the IIE community includes partners in other parts of the UM system, creative educators in instututions from preschool to graduate school, as well as nonprofit and for-profit organizations across the globe.

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Ongoing projects under the IIE umbrella include:

Sonlig: This program utilizes an inquiry based science curriculum to introduce students to concepts related to solar energy and provides a solar charger designed to recharge mobile learning devices in areas where rural electrification is a barrier to accessing technology.

Coalition for Gameful Learning : Exploring the educational possibilities of bringing a sense of play and a gameful approach to classroom teaching and learning.

Cultural Views: Students use digital photography to explore personal experiences and connect autobiographical stories to wider cultural, political, and social meanings and understandings.

Mapmaking in the Community : Students create maps and make connections in their local community while building literacy and math skills.

International Poetry Guild: Young writers share their poetry with peers and university student mentors, and edit and publish poetry journals.

Place out of Time: Trans-historical simulation for Middle and High School students that "brings the wisdom of history to a current issue".

Earth Odysseys: Uses vicarious travel to enable students to explore another country, and to engage in mentored socio-cultural issues discussions.

Other programs run by Interactive Communications & Simulations at the University of Michigan.


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