"I took to heart the stance of the UM-Flint staff that true learning happens best when a student’s belief system is harnessed and they are working from a system of personal ethics-that they are working to make the world a better place somehow."
-- Matthew Baughman, Principal of Coventry Village School, Vermont
"The program was challenging in all the right ways while remaining flexible enough to allow for valuable individual exploration. It was refreshingly practical and relevant -- and I feel it prepared me for excellence in teaching as well as instructional design."
-- Josh Holnagel, Instructional Designer, TechSmith Corporation, Okemos, MI
"I'm grateful that taking the small step of beginning this program has led to bigger steps in terms of trying out new directions for my career and implementing meaningful changes in my classroom.  Learning about the design process and the importance of iteration allowed me to be more comfortable trying new ideas and taking risks in my professional life.  The research about games, motivation, and learning that my project partner and I began in our research methods class has continued even after our graduation, and we've been invited to share our work at several conferences and professional development institutes.  The level of support and collaboration within the program continues to be a huge asset, because I have access to a talented network of passionate educators all over the world."
-- Amanda Pratt, History and Science Teacher at Middle College at GTCC - High Point Guilford County Schools, Greensboro, NC
"In one of my first courses, the conclusion of one of our discussions was, 'learning occurs on the edge of your comfort zone.'  UM-Flint's Educational Technology program invited me to walk right up to that edge by engaging in all aspects of learning, from research to design to implementation and beyond."
-- Bethany Lamer, Instructional Designer at Westwood College, Denver, CO