UM-Flint’s WebPlus Online/Weekend Program in Educational Administration provides you an ideal path to an advanced degree, with a unique blend of face-to-face interaction and convenient online coursework. Classes meet on campus the second Saturday of each month.

Admission Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Minimum overall undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • A teaching certificate

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Educational Administration Concentration (Master of Public Administration)

The program concentration in Educational Administration equips the educational administrator with concepts and tools, and provides an informed perspective on the range of problems and responsibilities confronting education today. The Michigan Board of Education has reinstated licensure for school administrators. The standards are published on the website of the State of Michigan Department of Education. The MPA curriculum is aligned with the State Board of Education standards, along with those of the Educational Leadership Constituent Council.

Required Courses and Course Sequence     

Fall (First Year) 6 credits
PUB 500 - Politics, Policy, and Public Administration.  (3)
PUB 567 /EDL 531 - The Principalship.  (3)

Winter (First Year) 7 credits
PUB 550 /EDL 510 - Leadership Theory and Practice.  (1)
PUB 563 /EDL 520 - Introduction to School Law.  (3)
PUB 582 /EDE 502 - Schools and Communities.  (3)

Spring/Summer (First Year) 7 credits
PUB 550 /EDL 510 - Leadership Theory and Practice.  (1)
PUB 566 /EDL 529 - Curriculum Development.  (3)
PUB 594 /EDL 545 - Grantwriting and Administration in Public and Nonprofit Agency Settings.  (3)

Fall (Second Year) 6 credits
PUB 508 - Evaluation of Services and Programs.  (3)
PUB 564 /EDL 525 - School Finance and Business Administration.  (3)

Winter (Second Year) 7 credits
PUB 550 /EDL 510 - Leadership Theory and Practice.  (1)
PUB 568 /EDL 540 - Instructional Practice and Evaluation.  (3)
PUB 592 /EDL 660 - Clinical Practice in School Administration.  (3)

Spring/Summer (Second Year) 3 credits
PUB 501 - Administrative Organization and Behavior.  (3)

Total Credit Hours:  36

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