Spring 2018

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The Center for Educator Preparation (CEP) is hiring a Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA) AmeriCorps Vista.


Please see the focus area(s) and goal(s):
The CEP works closely with P-12 partners to enhace and support the experiences of education students at the University of Michigan - Flint. In addition to supporting UM-Flint education students, the CEP coordinates two special initiatives focused on college access and success: 1) the UM-Flint Neff Center and 2) the FLinT (Future Leaders in Teaching) Project.

The MNA AmeriCorps VISTA will support, build, and advance college access and success oriented programs

The UM-Flint Neff Center aligns educator preparation and education research activities with district needs, we seek to advance college, access and success in the following ways:
- College Positive: The Neff Center serves as a space for current BCSD students to engage in practices, workshops, and activities that promote college positivity.
- Engage Community and Family: the Neff Center serves as a space to engage community and family in supporting both learning experiences while their students are in PK-12 environment but also in the transition from PK - 12 to career and college. UM-Flint faculty have the opportunity to partner with Beecher Community Schools in developing resources to foster parent/guardian involvement support their student's learning experiences. In addition, UM-Flint teacher candidates are engaged in learning experiences that foster their development in engaging with family and community members.

The FLinT Project is an innovation initiative born out of need for more persons of color in leadership, teaching, and mentoring positions in PK-12 schools and was designed to increase: the number of children of color who aspire to be PK-12 teachers, the number of high school students of color who enroll in undergraduate teacher preparation programs, and the number of undergraduate students of color who, upon graduation, enter the teaching profession and, later, attain leadership positions in PK-12 school districts, The FLinT Project is envisioned as a multi-tiered program that supports for college access and success at three distinct and different are/education levels: middle school mentoring and college positive activities, high school college access activities and support, and undergraduate level college success interventions and support. The FLinT Project has launched during 2017-2018 with both high school and undergraduate level programming. The pilot high school level program worked for Beecher High School students to support their personal and academic success through interactions with UM-Flint students and staff. The program addressed topics related to equity, justice, social change, and access to education.

The MNA AmeriCorps Vista member would be instrumental in building capacity for building and growing both the FLinT program in the area middle and high schools and supporting the college positive activities of the Neff Center.

Apply today: https://my.americorps.gov/mp/listing/viewListing.do?id=80825&fromSearch=true

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Celebrating Educators

The Secondary Education Teacher Program recieved first place for the Provost Teaching Innovation Prize! Congratulations!


Learn more about their award-winning collaboration here: https://news.umflint.edu/2018/05/31/um-flint-english-and-math-professors-discuss-award-winning-collaboration/