Getting Ready for the MTTC Test

The MTTC tests are vital to the success of a teacher candidate. The Center offers a variety of workshops, tutoring opportunities, and events throughout the year to provide educator candidates more opportunities to expand their knowledge in various subjects. Looking for help on something specific but don't see it? Contact the CEP directly for assistance. 

 Visit the MTTC Website here

Taking the PRE-Diagnostic Test

The CEP recommends students take a PRE diagnostic test, available through the Center. The benefit of using the PRE diagnostic tests is so that students can pace themselves when taking the actual PRE. Four hours tend to go by quickly if you are exerting all your efforts in one section but not leaving enough time for the remainder of the test. Students also find out from the sections of the test how they did so they know exactly where their efforts at studying should be applied. 

Students who wish to take the diagnostic need to contact the CEP to set up their appointment with Director Thomn Bell to come in anytime during business hours (8 am to 4 pm – Monday through Thursday).  The CEP is open during school breaks and during the summer for students who would like to come in and take the tests.

Study Guides

To help you prepare for the MTTC, the Center offers study cards for many of the tests including:

  • History
  • English
  • Social Studies both Elementary and Secondary
  • Elementary Education
  • Speech
  • Language Arts both Elementary and Secondary
  • Special Education

To check these out please visit the Center at 410 French Hall.

Specific study guides are available on the web at

Khan Academy offers many useful courses on PRE Math subjects.