Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), is pleased to offer Online EHS training Safety Skills, to UM-Flint employees.  We will continue to offer classroom training, and in some cases, a combination of on-line with class room training due to the need for hands on component. This on-line training will enhance provide convenience and variety in meeting UM-Flint's employee health and safety training regulatory compliance.


EHS and/or your supervisor will be able to assign EHS on-line training courses for you to take.  If there is a topic that you are particularly interested in, please contact your supervisor or EHS and that course can be assigned. Supervisors and those who have Administrative access to Safety Skills Learning Management System (LMS)  will receive a separate e-mail with basic instructions on how to use the LMS in order to view records and run reports on their employees & groups.  If needed, EHS can schedule a workshop with your group to answer questions on how to use the LMS upon request.


Most of the on-line training classes can be completed within 30-45 minutes. The duration of each course will appear on your assignment listing. If you are not able to complete the entire training course at one sitting, it will give you an option to start where you left off or start over from the beginning.  The modules will present information on the topic, and then ask review questions on that segment.  If a question is not answered correctly, the courses typically review the information pertaining to the missed question before moving to the next topic. Once you have completed each training module you are able to print your own certificate for your records and the system will keep track of all the training courses that you have completed.  Your supervisor will be able to view records as well as generate lists and reports to see which employees in their work group that have completed their EHS training courses.  EHS will have access to do the same for all groups taking EHS training.  You will receive reminder e-mails that you have a training course to take and a reminder e-mail closer to the due date.

Consult with your supervisor when it is an appropriate time during your work day to take your EHS training.

Please contact EHS by phone 810-766-6763 or e-mail rometsch@umflint.edu  if you are experiencing any problems.