A Campus Wide Approach Towards Risk Mitigation

The efforts of our All Hazards Planning Team represent our campus wide risk assessment and mitigation effort for the University of Michigan-Flint. The development, FEMA approval and implementation of our FEMA Hazard Mitigation Plan represents one of the recent effort to strengthen this campus wide effort and further mitigate the risks facing the University, it's students, faculty, staff and facilities.

Additional information on the Hazard Mitigation Planning process and the content of the  FEMA Approved Hazard Mitigation Plan can be viewed be in the plan itself.

Our All Hazards Planning Team is composed of representatives across all of the Universities operations, and stakeholders. The overall mission is to promote and sustain a Culture of Preparedness for the University and our approach towards this is shown in the graphic below.

All Hazards Planning

The UM Flint Emergency Response Plan and related preparedness documents and guidelines are the product of EHS leadership and most importantly, the continued commitment and participation of the All Hazards Planning Team members. 

The graphic below summarizes the 6 key elements of our Pre-Incident Risk Mitigation, and Post Incident Response Planning.