Engaged Learning: Internship

Andrea Hugo Internship

Andrea Hugo, Business Administration

Why would a Californian leave the Golden State to attend college in Michigan? For hockey of course! Well, that doesn't exactly explain Andrea Hugo's motivation for transferring to UM-Flint, but it didn't hurt. And during her senior year, her love of hockey helped a great deal.

Andrea is majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business. Being the engaged student she is, Andrea had volunteered at an event sponsored by the UM-Flint School of Management. At that event she met representatives from Adaptive Manufacturing Solutions (AMS), the manufacturer of the Icecat, a battery-powered alternative to the traditionally propane-powered Zamboni ice resurfacing machine.

Andrea Hugo at her desk as an intern at Adaptive Manufacturing Solution (AMS)

AMS had already sold Icecats to rinks in France, Russia, and Canada. Andrea's background in International Business and passion for hockey made her a natural fit. The Flint-area company hired Andrea as their intern on the spot.

While she is unsure if she'll continue on at AMS after her internship, Andrea is thrilled about the opportunities the internship afforded her. She is confident those experiences will serve her well in whatever career path she chooses.

  • practical experience in international sales
  • exposure to realities of product innovation and impact on market performance
  • increased knowledge about an existing passion