Important Information for English Majors

Requirement for All Majors

All majors are encouraged to complete their English 241 requirement before taking upper-level English courses. All majors must take English 241 by the time they complete 70 credits. When a student majoring in English accumulates 70 credits but has not taken English 241, a hold will be placed on the student’s registration until the student meets with an adviser in English and enrolls in English 241.


Why is it a good idea to take English 241 before taking 300-level classes?

English 241 will help prepare you for the kinds of assignments you will be expected to do in upper-level English courses. It is an introductory course designed to provide majors with fundamental skills of literary analysis and to teach students how to write analytical papers about literature. As one English major said, “English 241 is boot camp for English majors. And it really helped me in my courses later in my major.”


Why is there a hold on my registration for not taking English 241?

Because we feel that English 241 is so helpful for your upper-level English courses, we want to ensure that you take this course before you’ve taken other English courses. You’ll need to meet with an advisor in the English Department to discuss your educational plans. At that meeting, the advisor can arrange to have the hold removed so that you can register for courses, on the condition that you take English 241.