The ACCESS Program is a Michigan College/University Partnership

(4-S) Program

A King-Chavez-Parks Initiative


Access to College and Careers with Excellence through Student Services (ACCESS)



Mission Statement

ACCESS (ACCESS to College and Careers with Excellence through Student Services) supports and contributes to the mission of the Divison of Student Affairs by providing academic support services to first year, first-generation and/or economically placed students. ACCESS offers college success workshops and community engagement opportunities to foster life-long learning, resiliency, and high levels of academic achievement to retain and graduate students from the University of Michigan-Flint.


Program Goals

1. Students will establish specific and measurable goals to help them sustain academic success.

2. Students will be engagged in academic success workshops and activities.

3. Students will develop leadership skills through community learning projects.

Academic Components


POSSE  is a network-based student organization which seeks to cater and increase its members in the areas of academic ability, social network suitability, campus and community accountability, and an overall potential to graduate from an accredited program at the University of Michigan-Flint.

Coaching and Mentoring

The ACCESS mentoring and coaching component will provide support and encouragement for new students (Protégés) by pairing them with upper class (Peer Mentors) students who will share strategies for academic success. Students will also be paired with faculty and home-town mentors.

Emerging Leaders Institute

The Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI) is designed to develop leadership, career and socialization skills among students enabling them to become more competitive and effective leaders.


M-Pressions is designed to achieve student success and instill positive college experiences amongst sophomore and juniors in the ACCESS Program. The Sophomore/Junior Year Experience connects participants with job shadowing and internship opportunities, but also provides professional skills and tools needed to be successful through professional development workshops.

King-Chavez-Parks Initiative

King-Chavez-Parks Initiative

We are recognized as an innovative and effective talent system supporting a healthy, resilient economy that improves the quality of life in Michigan.

ACCESS Program Student Membership Application

ACCESS Program Student Membership Application

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