Promise Scholar Program (Formerly known as The Challenge Program)

Tonya C. Bailey

College Level Program Manager & Lecturer I
Promise Scholar Manager
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Promise Scholar Program (Formerly known as The Challenge Program)

Promise Scholars are part of a Promise Learning Community designed to be an exciting and supportive environment that is dedicated to academic success and personal development in college.  The University of Michigan-Flint Promise Scholar Program seeks to retain and graduate competent and engaged citizens.  Our curriculum is designed to help motivated students, with diverse academic strengths and interests, achieve the goals they have set for themselves and be successful in all aspects of their lives at the University of Michigan-Flint.



Strengthened friendships. Develop close and beneficial relationships with fellow Promise Scholars by sharing classes, activities and community involvement.

A close connection to faculty. Benefit from unique opportunities to interact with, learn from and even perform research alongside dedicated faculty members

Expert guidance and mentoring. Enjoy access to a dedicated team of advisors, mentors and coaches who can answer questions, provide advice, set up study groups and ensure you have the resources you need to succeed.

Priority access to classes. Receive priority when registering for your Promise Learning Community classes.  Take classes at convenient times from professors who are aware of the unique needs of new college students and who are dedicated to helping you make the successful transition to college.

Hands-on learning. Take advantage of shared in-class and out-of-classroom experiences with fellow Promise Scholars to develop your knowledge, hone your skills and become leaders.




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