Program Overview

The Promise Scholars program at the University of Michigan-Flint admits students from the Flint community and beyond through a unique admissions process. As a program within the Office of Educational Opportunity Initiatives, the Promise Scholars Program seeks to equip students with the support, skills, and exposure necessary to succeed in college and beyond. Its main programmatic elements include: Academic Preparedness and Development, Study Skills and Time Management, Career Exposure, Community Engagement, and Personal Development and Awareness.

Within these key components, the Promise Scholars program provides individualized holistic success coaching, workshops and trainings, project-based learning, peer-based mentoring, and curriculum-based coursework—all which start during the Success Institute I during the summer after high school graduation. 

Our Vision 

Promise Scholars are part of a Learning Community designed to be an exciting and supportive environment dedicated to academic success, personal development, and community engagement to college. The University of Michigan-Flint Promise Scholar Program seeks to retain and graduate competent and engaged citizens. Our curriculum is designed to help motivated students with diverse academic strengths and interests achieve the goals they have set for themselves and be successful in all aspects of their lives at the University of Michigan – Flint.


Program Goals 

  1. Promise Scholars will successfully transition to the University of Michigan- Flint, achieve and persist every semester to proudly earn their Bachelor’s degree in 6 years or less.
  2. Promise Scholars will cultivate growth mindsets to persist through adversity, fortify their self-confidence, and cultivate an authentic sense of belonging, as supported through their Holistic Success Coach.
  3. Promise Scholars will participate in core program activities throughout the academic year and summer/spring semesters to ensure they reach key academic and personal milestones.
  4. Promise Scholars will engage in diverse skill building experiences to enrich their local, national, and international perspectives as a leader and agent of change.


Prospective Promise Scholars Selection Process

To enter the program, each candidate must:

  1. Submit an application to the University of Michigan-Flint.
  2. Meet the admission requirements for the Promise Scholar Program and proceed with the interview process. 

The Office of Educational Opportunity Initiatives partners closely with the Office of Admissions to provide Promise Scholars the opportunity to showcase their passions, interests, and university goals through a multi-tiered interview process. By understanding their individual perspectives and group dynamics—insight supported by campus partners—the Promise Scholars program recruits students to ensure that they reach graduation with meaningful career options. Each year, up to 50 students enter the Promise Scholars program through a cohort-based structure. At the core of this experience is their relationship with the Program Manager and all campus stakeholders vested in Promise Scholar success.

To be eligible for this program, students generally have the following minimum SAT/ACT score and GPA combination: 2.3 high school GPA, 810 SAT/15 ACT score


For more information about University of Michigan-Flint admission requirements for the Promise Scholar Program, click on the box below:

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