Challenges Connections 101

Beginning Fall 2014

Connections 101 is a non-credit 6-week seminar course during the fall semester. This course presents the useful skills needed for university success and it will introduce you to career planning and development. Students evaluate their abilities and interests in order to develop career goals and align these goals with an appropriate course of study. 

You also improve on academic skills necessary to successfully complete university work, such as critical thinking, study techniques, and test taking strategies. In addition, you will be introduced to important dynamics of interpersonal communication and conflict resolution. The course also orients you to the University of Michigan-Flint Excellence System, and to other elements of the UM-Flint General Education curriculum.

Connections 101 Seminars will take place from Friday, September 12, 2014 to Friday, October 17, 2014.    After signing up for you session, you will meet with and academic advisor later today during freshman orientation.  If for whatever reason you must change your session, your advisor will have a session change sheet for you to complete, and it will be returned to the Challenge Program.  Any Questions!!! Contact 810-762-3365.


To register for your Connections 101 Session CLICK HERE