Our Goal
  • We offer a seamless web of services to students from middle school through college graduation

  • Much of our programming focuses on the development of key Non-Cognitive Variables that are vital to college (and life) success

  • Contribute to the overall adaptability and success of UM-Flint and enhance the climate of the UM-Flint community

  • Help make UM-Flint more responsive, adaptive, and effective in meeting the needs of all of its constituent community.

What We Do
Foster change in UM-Flint’s services and climate


Enhance UM-Flint’s ability to:

  • Identify

  • Recruit       

  • Graduate

Under-represented Students
  • Non-traditional

  • Educationally or Economically challenged

  • Students from urban areas where college success is below national average

How We Do It

High-Impact Practices

  • Teaching and learning practices that have been widely tested and have been shown to be beneficial for college students from many backgrounds


Building a Seamless Web of Services