Events & Dates


*All Participants are Required to Attend the Following!*               


Events and Dates:


  • 2 Consecutive Workshop on Wednesdays        July 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th   
  • Community Plunge                                             August 15th
  • Challenge Mingle                                                September 5th
  • Connections 101                                                  Begins September 12th
  • Peer Mentor Program                                        Begins in September
  • Face to Face meetings                                        Meet with an associate or staff member
  • Connections Follow-up                                      November 7th and March TBA
  • Study Day                                                           November 19th
  • Out of Class Experience                                   One per Month
  • Connections 102                                                Begins in January 9th
  • Exiting Ceremony                                             April 3th