we are committed to Holistically support students 

Program Components

  • Academic Preparedness and Development
  • Study Skills and Time Management
  • Major and Career Exposure
  • Community Engagement
  • Personal Development and Awareness

Promise Scholar Faculty and Campus Partners

The Promise Scholar faculty is deeply committed in crafting a Promise Scholar Learning Community, an intellectually stimulating environment for all incoming Promise Scholars. They know that your potential is your asset to success at the university and serve not only as course instructors but as mentors, coaches, and advisors. In collaboration with key campus partners and EOI Peer Coaches, as a collective, these vested community members support our broader goal of enriching your journey in earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan-Flint.

As a participant of this Promise Scholar Learning Community, you are part of a diverse group of people working together to nurture and sustain a knowledge-creating system.  The members of each learning community help one another enhance their capacity for effective action and reflecting on and conceptualizing their own learning and development. This community becomes critical in brainstorming solutions to the challenges you will confront as a new, continuing, and graduating student.