Fall Expectations


Connections 101

You will choose One of three different times to attend a six week zero credit hour seminar called Connections 101. Connections 101 will be held on Fridays beginning September 12th from 9am until 11am, 11am until 1pm, and Noon until 2pm.  Connections 101 will give you the basic survival skills needed to succeed in college.  The Challenge Program will touch on time management, understanding your learning style, study skills, campus resources, test taking, note taking, and much more.  You will also be given the opportunity to network with upper classmen, peers, and staff members.  You will register during your orientation session, choose the time that best fits your schedule.

Peer Mentor Program

You will be paired with a Mentor who has a similar major or career interest as you.  The mentor will be an upperclassman that you will check in with twice per month.  The mentors are students who will be graduating soon and have excelled in their courses and will be a valuable tool for you to use throughout the year

Face to Face Meetings

This will give our coordinators and associates the opportunity to talk about our student’s courses and how they are going.  Also this will give us the chance to see what visions, goals, and expectations each student has and what they want to get out of the university.  The Consultations in October and November will ensure that you are on track with your classes and to be certain that our students have all the necessary tools to succeed for the rest of the semester. This includes tutoring, suggesting study groups, and meeting with professors, etc.

Out of Class Experience

You will be required to attend one workshop in September and one workshop in October. For the winter semester they will be in January and February. We will contact you with many workshop opportunities that  will be coming up. Our goal is to get you involved in an extracurricular activity on campus. Things that qualify as a workshop include out of class lectures, club meetings, student organization meetings, and other events that are held on campus. When you decide to do your workshop, please ask a Challenge Program Associate if the workshop you plan on attending is applicable.