Program Expectations

Upon admission to the university, Promise Scholars must complete the following requirements to honor their commitment to the program and the unique support services we offer. To attain success, each piece is fundamentally important and sets the foundation of our relationship.


  1. Commit and sign the Promise Scholar Partnership Agreement. This agreement outlines all of the requirements for the program and will be given to students who are selected following their interviews.

  2. Attend Freshmen Orientation. For the Fall 2017 admissions, you must sign up for June 15th.  During orientation, your Academic Advisor will consult with you regarding your coursework for your first two semesters.

  3. Enroll in a full-time course load for two consecutive semesters (with the assistance of your Academic Advisor).  Included in this coursework will be Promise Scholar Learning Community courses for each of the Fall and Winter semesters, as well as the English courses that you placed into based on your placement exam scores.  These courses will meet General Education requirements.

  4. Participate in the Promise Scholar Summer Bridge Program late June through mid-August of 2017.  The Bridge Program focusses on academic development, college success strategies, developing critical thinking skills and community building which is necessary for student’s transition to and persistence through the university. 

  5. Engage in Promise Scholar Program Activities/Requirements over a 4-year period, which includes regularly meeting with your academic advisor, attending academic success workshops, and engaging with the campus community and beyond.

  6. Complete courses with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above over 4 years.