Summer Expectations


Workshops on Wednesdays (WOW)

Workshops on Wednesdays will give you a firsthand view of what college life is like before your money is on the line! Each week will focus on a completely different subject.  During the day we will have actual professors from this campus perform mock lectures, share how to be successful in a college class, we will hold leadership building activities, as well as an open forum where you will be able to ask different people who are working and experts within the field of the subject of interest.  We require that you attend at least two consecutive weeks of Workshops on Wednesdays. Sessions begin Wednesday, July 9th and will be held each Wednesday in the month of July.

Community Plunge

The Community Plunge will be a one day event on FRIDAY, August 15th. During the Community Plunge we will have a vendor fair with a variety of campus departments there to give you information on their resources. This will be a time for you to get the latest information and updates about the campus and what to expect in the fall semester. After the vendor fair you will be taking a guided bus tour of the surrounding community.  It is important that you get acclimated to your new home/campus!  We will take you to different eateries, shopping locations, places to hangout, and our cultural center.  The second part of the day you will go into individual groups lead by our facilitators to see exactly where your class rooms will be.  You will be required to bring their schedule with you.

Challenge Mingle

The Challenge Mingle is an opportunity for you to meet your peer mentor and also network with the other students in the program.  The peer mentor program is a part of your contract and is a special opportunity for you to get advice and gain knowledge from a current student who has been there and done that.  The Challenge Mingle will be held on Friday September 5th.