The Transitions Program is a Michigan College/University Partnership (MICUP) Program

A King-Chavez-Parks Initiative


Welcome to the Transitions Program

The Transitions Program supports and contributes to the mission of the Division of Student Affairs by providing academic success and mentoring experiences for students transferring from Mott Community College. The Transitions Program offers transformative experiences to support life-long learning, balance, resiliency, high levels of achievement for students to obtain a baccalaureate degress from the University of Michigan-Flint.
Program Goals
  1. Students will establish specific and measurable goals each semester to aid students in measuring academic progress.
  2. Students will be engaged in academic success workshops and activities in an effort to sustain academic success.
  3. Students will network with faculty and staff through mentoring sessions to strengthen their connection to the campus.

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King-Chavez-Parks Initiative

King-Chavez-Parks Initiative

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