To qualify for Spring/Summer aid, you must fill out the Spring/Summer Aid Application each year you plan to take Spring/Summer classes. The Office of Financial Aid will then review your application and award you financial assistance based on your remaining aid for the year.

Below are answers to questions commonly asked about Spring/Summer aid.

What kind of aid is available?

The spring and summer semesters are considered to be the end of the academic year. For this reason, aid offered is typically what is left over from the fall and winter semesters. If, for example, you were awarded the Pell Grant and enrolled full-time in the fall and winter, there will be no Pell Grant left to award you during the spring and summer. Any aid awarded at other institutions during these semesters counts toward your total as well. 

When should I apply?

The Spring/Summer Aid Application for the 2015 aid year wis now available. Students should file the application by the priority deadline of February 14th, 2015.

How many credits do I need to take?

To be eligible for Spring/Summer Aid, you MUST attend at least 6 credit hours (undergraduates) or 4 credit hours (graduates).

These credits may be split between the Spring and Summer semesters in any way. For example, undergraduates may attend six credits in Spring and zero in Summer, five credits in Summer and one in Spring, three credits in each semester, or any other combination as long as the total for both semesters is six credits.

What if I miss the priority deadline?

You may still apply for aid using the application, however the application will be considered "late". Late applications will not be looked at until all on-time applications have been processed. Typically very little or no grant funds will remain when late applications are processed. 

I'm thinking about transferring to UM-Flint. Can I apply for spring/summer aid before I'm admitted?

No, in order to submit the on-line application you need to be admitted and have a valid UMID. 

I'm a UM-Flint student, but I haven't attended in a few years. What do I need to do to get spring/summer aid?

How will I know when I have been offered spring/summer aid?

You will receive an award notice via your UM-Flint student email account. 

Do I need to accept the loans offered to me in spring/summer?

No, if you indicate that you want loans on your spring/summer application we will automatically accept them for you if you are eligible. 

When does this aid pay?

Students that file the Spring/Summer Aid Application on time may expect aid to pay on the first day of class for each term.