• If a student did not successfully complete any course for a previous semester, the Office of Financial Aid must determine if the student stopped attending all of their courses and failed to withdraw from the University.
  • The Office of Financial Aid contacts your instructor(s) for a documented last date of attendance in each course.
  • Students, whose last day of attendance cannot be documented, will automatically have the 50 percent point of the semester used to determine any adjustments to their financial aid awards.  Your last date of attendance for the previous semester at the University of Michigan – Flint is considered your disenrollment date when making adjustments to your account. 

Return of Title IV Aid

  • When a student receives all E and N grades for a semester aid will be adjusted depending on the last date of attendance (disenrollment date).
  • Financial aid returned to the government is done so in the following order.
    1. Federal Stafford Unsubsidized Loan
    2. Federal Stafford Subsidized Loan
    3. Federal Perkins Loan
    4. Federal Stafford Parent PLUS or Graduate PLUS Loans
    5. Federal Pell Grant
    6. Federal SEOG
    7. Federal TEACH Grant
  • In some cases, students must repay a portion of the aid that they received, and repayment arrangements must be made in order to remain eligible for aid and to re-enroll in subsequent semesters.
  • In some cases, a refund may be due the student.
  • The amount of repayment or refund will be affected if there is a refund of tuition given at the time of disenrollment.
  • Students who disenroll before 60 percent of the semester is completed are entitled to keep a portion of their award equal to the percentage of the semester that they have completed.  Students who disenroll after 60 percent of the semester is completed are eligible to keep their entire award.  CAUTION:  SAP is still a factor in determining eligibility in future semesters.