This guide will walk you through Entrance Counseling. The entire process should take about 30 minutes. 

Click each step below to learn more.

1. Sign In

Begin by navigating to and selecting "Log In". 

2. Signing In

Log in by providing your FSA ID and FSA password. If you need to create an FSA ID, visit the FSA ID webpage.

3. Select Entrance Counseling

Once logged in, select the "Complete Entrance Counseling" option as seen below. 

4. Selecting the Type of Counseling

Select the appropriate type of counseling from the list below. Explanations of each type are given.

Select "Continue" to begin.

5. School Notification

It is important during this step to select UM-Flint under "School Information" as this ensures the Office of Financial Aid will receive your promissory note. Click 'Notify This School' to complete this process. You must indicate your status as a undergrad or grad.

When finished, select "Continue". 

6. Information and Quiz

The next portion requires that you read over important information and answer questions. 

Once you have selected answers you will be presented with the correct answers. When all questions for that section have been completed, click "continue". You will then be presented with 4 additional sections with questions that you must answer. 

7. Review the Information and Print

You have completed entrance counseling! 

Select "Print" if you would like a copy of your Entrance Counseling record. You will also be notified of your completion via email.