From time to time the Cashiers/Student Accounts Fee Appeal Sub-committee may approve an appeal for all or part of a student’s tuition and fees for a particular semester.  This policy is in reference to how the Office of Financial Aid will handle the result of an approved appeal for those student’s that had their tuition and fee charges full or partially paid with financial aid.

Current Fee Appeal Policy

1. Appeal for one or more courses, but not all

  • Student is revised to new enrollment status - may or may not change aid

2. Appeal for the entire semester tuition and fees - Return of Title IV Aid must already be complete

  • Reason other than non-attendance
    • Amount of fee appeal is totaled
    • Current balance due on the student's account (for the semester the fee appeal is granted) is subtracted from the Fee Appeal total to try and reduce the amount due to $0
    • If there is an excess amount of the fee appeal remaining it will be returned to the appropriate aid program.
      • Any instance where there is an excess amount of fee appeal after the account is at $0 and the student has paid towards tuition and fees for the semester in question with be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to see if any funds can be returned to the student.
  • Reason is non-attendance
    • All aid for the semester is cancelled