The Mpowering My Success program at the University of Michigan-Flint (UM-Flint) is designed to provide services to students age 18 to 20 that are in foster care, were formerly in foster care, or are transitioning out of foster care. This program provides a wrap-around approach with professional staff that includes visits with a Life Skills Coach, Mentors, and Advisors that are standing by to help the student meet their educational goals and to succeed with their goals. A Student Handbook provides assistance with processes, procedures, and on/off campus resources. Advocates at the University can help the student with academic advising, career counseling, tutoring, mentoring, financial aid, housing, transportation, and more!


Who's Eligible?

  • Youth 18 to 20 who have been in foster care on or after their 14th birthday


  • Education & Training Voucher
  • Emergency Funds
  • Help with Resources
  • MBucks
  • And More...

The UM-Flint’s Mpowering My Success is a state funded program that will assist the young adult in removing obstacles while helping them understand their role in personal growth, career preparation, financial management, and academic success. In addition, Mpowering My Success will provide wrap-around support services throughout a student’s academic stay.

For more information about the program click the link below or contact Tynesia Davis at (810) 424 – 5677.

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