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Mileage Rate for University Business Travel:
     Between February 1, 2014 - January 31, 2015 = 56.0 cents/mile
     Effective February 1, 2015 = 57.5 cents/miles

Event Identifier

This link will allow you to obtain an event identifier. The event identifier is an IRS requirement. The IRS requires that we have one field that connects all expenditures of a trip. Therefore, for each trip, one event number must be assigned. The event number must be entered onto each P-Card expense that is linked to a trip by the P-Card reconciler.

Travel Advance-

This form is a non-interest bearing promissory note for the total amount of travel advance. It must be filled out to request an advance. This promissory note authorizes the University Payroll Office to deduct any portion of the advance that is not properly vouchered within 30 days of the return date of the trip. See SPG 501.4-1 for guidelines for using a travel advance.

Travel & Hosting Expense Reports-

Travel & Business Hosting Expense Form - Guest/Student

This form is an accounting of expenses for a non-University of Michigan employee (e.g., guests, students).  Guests and students are not subject to the domestic travel meal/incidentals per diem.

Travel & Business Hosting Expense Form - Foreign/OCONUS

This form is an accounting for foreign/OCONUS travel or hosted event for employees who are not yet using the Concur Travel and Expense Management system.  Use the Per Diem Calculator Tool (included in this form) to determine the total foreign/OCONUS travel meals and incidentals reimbursement due to the traveler (if applicable).  This form was last updated August 2014.

Note:  While the per diem method is effective July 15, 2010 for employee foreign/OCONUS business travel, some trips already underway may conclude after the go-live date.  Similarly, if units have summer trips planned and the travelers are no longer in their home office, the actual costs of meals (up to the current meal limits of $25 breakfast/$25 lunch/$55 dinner) can be reported for these trips using the Travel and Business Hosting Expense Form (Foreign/OCONUS) - Actuals.

Travel and Hosting Policy Updates

Travel Memos-

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      Travel & Hosting Missing Receipt Memo

Preauthorization for Travel & Hosting

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