Budget and financial reporting on campus varies to an extent based upon the needs of the end user. Multiple reports are created and distributed throughout the year to a number of Executive Officers and Administrative Personnel. These reports include budget modeling, financial projections, year to date reporting, and several project based analysis and reports.

The budget and financial reports are high level campus summaries that are provided by our UM-Flint Budget Office to UM-Ann Arbor for preparation of the University system reports. Also listed are audited year end financial reports from the University of Michigan System (all three campuses).


Financial Reports

UM-Flint Annual financial report (unaudited)
UofM Reports
University of Michigan Consolidated Annual Reports - This link brings you to Financial Operation's Consolidated Annual Reports page. Here you will find the University Annual Reports for 2007-2017 and Reports on Federal Awards in Accordance with OMB Uniform Guidance (formerly OMB Circular A-133) for 2007-2016. 


Budget Reports

For Fiscal Year 2012 - Present Budgets, please click on the following link: University Of Michigan Budgets

For Fiscal Year 2003 - 2011 Budgets, see the below list:


Budget Memos

To access the files: You need to sign in with your umich email (uniquename@umich.edu). Signing in with the @umflint email will not work for accessing the files.