Business Objects Users Group - Flint Campus

Financial Services - Business Objects Users Group – Flint Campus

The purpose of this group is to share knowledge with relation to the data warehouses and various reports available in Business Objects.  The Ann Arbor campus has had a users group for a few years, however wide spread usage of Business Objects is a new initiative on the Flint campus.

The group was formed in the FY 2006 with the intentions that all the Flint campus users will benefit from the sharing of ideas, query building skills, and reporting needs.  Thus, creating a cross-campus group of people from which new users will be able to depend upon for assistance.

Regular meetings are not deemed necessary at this time since many end users are just gaining access and getting comfortable with the product.  (We will ultimately have meetings as often as the group prefers).  This site will be used as a method of sharing queries and any data changes that become available (and an email list group will be created to get information out quickly).

Types of frequently used queries in Business Objects:

  • Department Reconcilers Report
  • Gross Pay Registers By Fund, Department, Program
  • Gross Pay Registers By Project/Grant, Department, Programs
  • Salary & Benefits for a Department
  • Salary & Benefits for an Employee
  • Salary & Benefits for a Project/Grant

Departments can request special queries as needed through the accounting department.

If anyone would like assistance regarding Business Objects or would like to discuss the users group, the email group list or getting access to this program, please contact Dalana Riley at