Listed below are several forms relating to Accounting, Accounts Payable, Pcards, and Travel. These are among the most used forms on the Flint Campus, so we are providing you a quick link to the current version. The majority of these links take you to various sites within UM Ann Arbor's website, however if you have any questions when completing them, please contact the UM Flint Accounting Office.

Following this link for Purchasing forms: Purchasing Forms

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Accounts Payable

MI Sales & Use Tax Certificate of Exemption

University purchases are exempt from the payment of Michigan sales and use tax. Several other states also allow this exemption. Some vendors may request a copy of a document describing the University's sales tax exempt status. The form can be photocopied and faxed to a vendor.

Missing Receipt Memo

Non PO Voucher

This form is used if your unit does not have access to M-Pathways and when a reimbursement, payment to a vendor or refund needs to be made. With access to M-Pathways, this form is available online as a Non-PO voucher.

Hosting Documentation Form


Travel and Hosting SPG - 507.10-1

Mileage LogForms:

      Mileage Log - Miles Used
      Mileage Log - Odometer Reading

Mileage Rate for University Business Travel:
     Between January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016 = 54.0 cents/mile
     Effective January 1, 2017 = 53.5 cents/mile
P-Card Forms:

     P-Card Application  
     P-Card Limit Change
     P-Card Maintenance

P-Card Memo Templets:

      P-Card Exception Memo
      P-Card Missing Receipt Memo

P-Card ATM for International Travel ONLY

P-Card Dispute Transaction Form

Human Subject Fee Payment Request Form

Authorization by Signature Form

Preauthorization for Travel & Hosting

Currency Converter


Mileage Log Forms:

      Mileage Log - Miles Used
      Mileage Log - Odometer Reading 

Mileage Rate for University Business Travel:
     Between January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017 = 53.5 cents/mile
     Effective January 1, 2018 = 54.5 cents/miles

Travel Advance:

This form is a non-interest bearing promissory note for the total amount of travel advance. It must be filled out to request an advance. This promissory note authorizes the University Payroll Office to deduct any portion of the advance that is not properly vouchered within 30 days of the return date of the trip. See SPG 501.4-1 for guidelines for using a travel advance.

Travel & Hosting Expense Reports:

Travel & Business Hosting Expense Form - Guest/Student

This form is an accounting of expenses for a non-University of Michigan employee (e.g., guests, students).  Guests and students are not subject to the domestic travel meal/incidentals per diem.

Travel and Hosting Policy Updates

Travel Memos:

      Travel & Hosting Exception Memo
      Travel & Hosting Missing Receipt Memo

Preauthorization for Travel & Hosting

Currency Converter