Accounting Informational Session Presentation

This presentation is designed to explain fund accounting, chartfields, and the MPathways relationships.

   Additional Information/Training:

Business Object's Beginner's Lab Presentation

Training materials are now in My LINC (in Wolverine Access). This site will give all the resources needed to use Business Objects.

Types of frequently used queries in Business Objects:

  • Department Reconcilers Report
  • Gross Pay Registers By Fund, Department, Program
  • Gross Pay Registers By Project/Grant, Department, Programs
  • Salary & Benefits for a Department
  • Salary & Benefits for an Employee
  • Salary & Benefits for a Project/Grant

Departments can request special queries as needed through the accounting department.

If anyone would like assistance regarding Business Objects please contact Dalana Riley at

Business Object's Departmental Reconciliation Presentation

This presentation is designed to show how to use a Business Objects "UM Maintained" query to reconcile monthly statements.