Phi Sigma Iota - Rho Rho Chapter


Phi Sigma Iota is an international honor society whose members are chosen from among outstanding undergraduate students of foreign languages and literatures. Its primary objectives are the recognition of remarkable ability and attainments in languages and literatures and the promotion of a sentiment of amity between our own nation and the nations using these languages:

"Phi Sigma Iota shall have as its ideals and purpose the recognition of outstanding ability and attainments in the study and teaching of foreign languages, the stimulation of advanced pursuits and individual research in this discipline, and the promotion of a cultural enrichment and a sentiment of international amity derived from the knowledge and use of foreign languages. Phi Sigma Iota shall be a non-profit organization."

The Rho Rho Chapter of Phi Sigma Iota was established in 1979 at the University of Michigan-Flint by Dr. Joseph Tyler. Faculty and student members have been initiated since 1980.

The insignia of the Society was adopted in 1935. It was designed by Dr. Robert E. Dengler, Professor Emeritus of Greek at Pennsylvania State University: "A caplet of ivy ("the prize of the learned brow") in honor of the birth of Horace, the Roman poet of the height of the Augustan literature and a model for much of universal language verse. A stem at the bottom from which the foliage "grows". A five-point star standing for the tongues originally rewarded by the Society. The Greek letters PHI SIGMA IOTA overimposed on the five-point star."

The colors of the Society are purple and white.

Monica Karnes Memorial Scholarship Fund

As a student in Spanish at the University of Michigan-Flint , Monica Karnes looked forward eagerly to being initiated into Phi Sigma Iota.

Although seriously ill, Monica continued to pursue her education, maintaining an enthusiasm and positive attitude which endeared her to her fellow students and to her professors, and demonstrating a commitment to excellence which is in the best tradition of the University.

In Fall 1985, the Rho Rho Chapter of Phi Sigma Iota established the Monica Karnes Fund in her memory. Administered by the Department of Foreign Languages in conjunction with the University of Michigan-Flint Phi Sigma Iota Chapter, the fund will benefit students who share Monica's hopes, her dreams, and her spirit.

For more information on the Monica Karnes Memorial Scholarship Fund, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (810) 762-3444, or e-mail