University mapping
The GIS Center has helped various faculty from the university create maps for their research.  Faculty were from departments such as Earth and Resource Science, Anthropology, Sociology, University Outreach, and Alumni Relations.
Building neighborhood capacity program executive summary map

Metro Community Development asked the GIS Center to create a map of the Building Neighborhood Capacity Program wards in northern Flint for their executive summary of the report.  The map included schools, churches, housing, bus routes, bike routes, and parks along with BNCP landmarks.


Crim fitness foundation safe routes to school maps

CRIM Fitness Foundation requested the GIS Center to create a series of maps for their grant application to Safe Routes to School.  The maps show the location of students along with two buffered areas to determine the number of students within a 2 mile radius of the school.  The first buffer shows straight line distance from the school and the second buffer shows 2 miles along roads from the school.

Genesee Schools          Potter Elementary School          International Academy of Flint