Community Relations Sponsorship Forms

The purpose of the University of Michigan-Flint Community Relations unit is to connect external, community partners with the University. On this page you will find all forms required to apply for sponsorship requests. You will also find the Post Event Survey required for all Community Relations partners.


If this request is granted, the check is made payable to the organization.

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Premium Space Sponsorship Application

This form should be used for requests of space sponsorship for the Riverfront Banquet Center and the North Bank Center. Requests for space sponsorship must be made at least sixty (60) days prior to the event. The requester of the sponsorship will be the primary contact for the event and notified regarding the approval or non-approval of space sponsorship assistance within thirty (30) days of their submission. This intent of this sponsorship is to reduce the costs for 501(c)3 organizations, excluding high schools and local athletic clubs, that in very limited circumstances cannot financially secure space in the Riverfront Banquet Center or North Bank Center. For additional information or questions, please contact Mia McNeil at

If no, contact EBS at 810-762-3436 to assess space and date availability.

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Community Relations Sponsorship Post Event Survey

This survey is your opportunity to tell us about your event and how our sponsorship was helpful to your organization.

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